Sounds From The Other City

Line Up

It’s 2016, it’s the beginning of the end of Winter which means one thing, here at SFTOC towers, it’s time to let you know a few things about this year’s festival.

Annually at SFTOC we showcase new music, performance and art, uniting national and international artists with Greater Manchester’s finest independent promoters, collectives and club nights. The Festival takes in intriguing and often underused venues up and down Salford’s historic Chapel Street corridor.

Over the last 12 years, the Festival has seen early career performances from an eclectic array of artists from Alt-J to Lapalux, the Ting Tings to Jane Weaver, Horsebeach and Sampha and has been covered by the Guardian, the New York Daily Post, the NME and more.

2016 will see us take over 16 different stages, featuring the best in new music, three brand new commissions and a multitude of on one-off collaborations, planned and unplanned!

As a sneak peek into the SFTOC line-up we want to share with you today a handful of the first acts performing across the stages:

+++++++ many, many more to be announced

And the line up so far of promotors involved in shaping this years festival:

+++++++ more to be announced

And finally some of the special commissions:

Never one to stick to convention for SFTOC, Bad Uncle is teaming up with IMPATV to transmit LIVE to the planet as part of this year’s festival. Together we’ll be broadcasting LIVE from our custom made telly studios for the full day, bringing you a cavalcade of entertainment via our new channel

Our studio execs are currently busy holding intense focus groups, monitoring Nielsen Ratings and tracking viewer eyeball movements to determine exactly what you at home demand to see, ignoring it all, and then doing whatever the hell they want.

We’ll be recruiting the best artists, musicians, performers and entertainers to bring you a day of live televisual pleasure beamed direct to your screens. Who knows maybe you’ll be the next big star.

NB: SFTOC TV is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

HIM HALLOWS – New Occult™
This year at SFTOC2016, there’s a new moon rising. Captained by artist himHallows, SFTOC 2016 is trawling the deep sea to bring the New Occult™ to Chapel St. For one day and one night the mystical and mythological will reign, so keep your third eye sharp and your transcendental mind open.

Expect otherworldly characters to rise from the dark depths to take over Salford’s age old venues, with strange decoration and plenty of unexpected surprises. We have been advised:
Join us at midnight for the Captain’s masquerade ball, where nothing will be as it seems. But whatever you do, don’t forget your costume.


Check out our 2015 Highlights video produced by SJJ Film to get you in the mood for SFTOC shenanigans: