Sounds From The Other City


As a young, classically trained pianist and composer growing up on ambient and abstract music, Prayer draws influences from experimental composers such as Henryk Gorecki, Michael Nyman and Max Richter, as well as electronic masters Burial, Kuedo and Holy Other. The resulting sound is the melding of these influences creating a bridge between the two latitudes of experimental dance music and contemporary classical composition with a sound that is unmistakably from the UK.

Having released two acclaimed EP’s ‘Beneath’ and ‘Knowing’ since 2014, Prayer continues to push classical music to it’s rawest limits; creating a loyal fanbase along the way. Prayer’s obsession with challenging the perceptions of the traditional music world is present in all his productions, endeavouring to make classical music relatable to the modern day. From 11 minute epic ‘Silence Before’ last year back to his first release ‘The Two Halves’ on Zomby’s Cult Music imprint, this is a theme that runs thought all his output.

This has not been unnoticed; with support from Dazed, i-D, FACT, NTS Radio, Solid Steel, The TATE Magazine and more, plus shows including his Boiler Room debut with GAIKA and a headline set at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall opening. Prayer’s side project Kollaps has also seen him work on remixes for Darkstar and Glasser, plus a vinyl release ‘Misery / Could This Be’ on Grade 10.