Sounds From The Other City

Torn Sail

Torn Sail is a British psychedelic alt-folk-rock band fronted by Huw Costin, perhaps better known for his work with Earth The Californian Love Dream & collaborations with left-field disco artists Smith & Mudd, along with his own critically acclaimed solo albums Regrets (2009) and Something/Nothing (2013). Costin has also worked with Mark Lanegan, who contributes to the band’s recently completed debut album. Lanegan described the album as “a masterpiece”.

Torn Sail rose from the ashes of The Cold Light of Day, put together by Richard Warren AKA Echoboy in 2008 as a backing band for Soulsavers. When Warren quit to go solo a year later, the band locked themselves in the studio. Since then members of the band have come and gone – sometimes permanently, sometimes to join Spiritualized or The Selecter in the studio or on tour. Currently, alongside Huw Costin, the band features John Thompson on bass and Jay Cahill on drums.

The first track completed – Birds- was released to critical acclaim on cult balearic label Claremont 56 in 2011. Another single Treasure (Part 1) was released in 2012. The forthcoming album will feature a new mix of Birds, and the full 8 minute version of Treasure , along with the songs Ricochets (feat. Mark Lanegan & E.R. Thorpe), Self-Medication, Leave This World Behind & Gains On Gains – to which B.J. Smith (Smith & Mudd) contributed some beautiful Moog and guitar parts.

Wyndham Wallace (Uncut ) wrote this about the band:

“TORN SAIL’s music is so utterly timeless that it could have been released any time since the mid 1960s. Calling upon the likes of Tim Buckley, The Moody Blues and David Crosby, more recent acts like Verve (before they became The Verve), Sun Kil Moon and Talk Talk, as well as enduring influences such as Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams and Pink Floyd (but only up to The Wall), it wears its heart on its sleeve unashamedly…” –

This Short Sweet Life is set for release in August 2017 on the Wonderful Sound label.