Sounds From The Other City

April 7, 2011

A chat with… Girls Names

Formed in 2009 as a two piece and since pumped up to include another member, Girls Names have spent the past 2 years winner over fans in spades with their gritty take on what are essentially beautiful, melodic pop songs. Neil is their drummer, and he’s answered some questions for us. He’s pretty great.

Hiya Neil, what have you been up to of late?

Hey, well I suppose the main thing right now is getting the Girls Names album ready. It’s called “Dead to Me” and it’s out on April 25th on Slumberland/Tough Love. Actually it’s been ready for ages but I’m obliged to mention it I guess. We’ve been doing photo shoots for the Irish Times and things, pretty funny.

You and the band are from Belfast, what’s that like? Anything decent going on their music wise?

Yeah it’s ok, we’re always putting it down so I should say something nice for a change. It was sunny today for the first time in a while which was nice. There’s a few decent bands like Sea Pinks (um, which also features all 3 Girls Names) Not Squares, Charles Hurts, Third Man Theme, Hello Translinks, Slomatics. Mostly it’s pretty shit music wise though.

Your sound is constantly called lo-fi. How would you describe it?

Ha, Cathal gets quite cross when people say that. I think it was by necessity pretty lo-fi to begin with but we made the album in a proper studio and there’s about 50 guitar tracks on everything so I think it’s probably gone beyond that now. My drumming still isn’t very hi-fi though.

And what can we expect from your live show?

A lot of reverb on the guitar/vox, surly drums, goth bass, awkward interludes, and some dead nice songs in between.

Ever been to Salford before?

Yeah I was there a few years ago, went to the Imperial War Museum I think. I was bored.

Anything else we should know?

Don’t think so no.

Cheers Neil!

Ok, bye!

Catch Girls Names playing Comfortable on a Tightrope’s stage at The King’s Arms.