Sounds From The Other City

April 15, 2011

A chat with… Trojan Horse

Along with the many things from the past that we never thought were going to make it back again, Prog Rock is actually managing to sound pretty formidable again. A lot of that’s down to the work of Trojan Horse, who’ve been playing shows around Manchester for the past couple of years and finally got around to putting out an album towards the tail end of 2010. We sent Nick from the band some questions, he came back with some answers and here they are:

Hi, how’s your week been so far?

Yes, the week has been good to us so far. Although it is Monday afternoon so all that can change! But starting the week off with an interview for SFTOC is probably the best Monday we’ve had in a while.

You’re a ‘prog’ band. What makes a band ‘prog’? Could I be ‘prog’?

What is prog, haha good question! We see prog as music that’s forward thinking. Something well thought out, considered, less about being throw away and more about “pushing the envelope”. We see it more as a mind set than a genre, as you can get proggy punk, or hip hop. Yeah you can totally be prog if you want to, its not an exclusive club, just use the old grey matter positively, and you’re there.

Your debut album came out last year. How have things gone since then?

The album had been sat around for a while, just waiting to be released, and it got to the stage where we realised that nobody was going to knock on our door and offer to do it for us. So we did it ourselves and its been one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve collectively done to date. Since then its been a steady build up, and we’ve just been astounded by the positive reactions that its gained. So many people have said such positive things about it, and offered us great opportunities, its just everything we could have hoped for and more. Its really made us realise we’ve not been slogging away over a hot mixing desk, and live over the last three years for nothing.

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Trojan Horse by Trojan Horse</a>

And you’re currently selling it on a memory stick. Is that ‘prog’?

We wanted to give anyone buying the album something more over all than just a CD with some music on, the memory stick has a load of extra bits on, unused artwork, pictures etc. We put it in a little folder on there and hopefully it will present a more colourful picture of who we are and where we’ve come from whilst making the record. I love getting albums and learning about the history of how theyre made, who played on it, all the details. The memory sticks are a bit of an extension of the “use every good idea you have” vibe that we can’t help but utilise, in this band.

The artwork on there is pretty ace, too. What does it mean?

There are two pieces of artwork for the album, one was by a designer called Rosa Milch, who screenprinted us some limited prints for the album launch. The other one, the main one was designed by me (Nick), its an attempt, with the best of my limited skills, to visually represent the sound of the band. That┬ásounds REALLY pretentious hahaha, but yeah, it was my technicolour re-imagining of everything you can hear on there. The different pages with a band member on each have a kind of super hidden meaning…well, I’ll just tell you now. Each page has a different, modified picture of sea urchins as the background, as a lot of our lyrics focus on 18th/19th century themes, its about relating the language to visual aspects, so yeah grubby urchins (us, described using the old terms) are represented on each page, with actual urchins transformed and made into vibrant colourful backgrounds……… HAHA, yeah i know, its a bit strange but it made sense in my head at the time.

Any good Salford anecdotes?

Salford anecdotes, well me, Lozz, and Eden are all from salford so i’m sure we have hundreds between us. I have many from the gruesome, a drunk guy fighting himself on the metrolink to Eccles, then quietly getting off 10 minutes later after literally shitting his pants. Lozz (Bass) fending off up a failed mugger with some drum sticks he had in his bag at the time. When a guy called me and Lozz “Bumble wasps” because he couldn’t quite grasp the english language fully enough to come up with a suitable insult to the bug eyed sunglasses we were wearing at the time, then he tripped over and everyone ended up laughing at him. Ive been MADE to get my guitar out and play a song by people at Eccles bus station whilst ive been waiting to get the bus to practise. Thats the thing with Salford, its so wonderfully weird, you literally can walk out the door and anything might happen to you. Expect nothing and everything Haha.


Trojan Horse are playing for Fat Out Till You Pass Out at the Rovers Return