Sounds From The Other City

April 23, 2011

A chat with… Kill Van Kulls

The North-West is a city filled with wannabe tastemakers, but few with actual proven pedigree. Throughout the years, High Voltage have shown that they’re ahead of the curve time and time again, and their endorsement of The Kill Van Kulls could show them to be similarly on trend. Having put out their debut single, Fool’s Wish, on their own label the High Voltage guys are putting them on for this year’s festival, so we had a chat with Ben from the band about a few things

Your profile claims that you’re ‘all about melodies that get stuck in your head’. Is there owt else to your sound?

That’s just a well rounded way of describing how our music comes across. If there’s one thing people are certain to come away with after seeing one of our shows, it’s a melody they can’t get out of their head. Of course there’s more to it. We put a lot of love and effort into making great songs that include more than just a strong melody or hook. There’s a lot of experimentation and exploration in our sound to accompany the more “pop” aspect.

And you were one of XFM’s 21 for 2011. Has the year lived up to your expectations?

We still consider it to be early in the year. Thus far the year has been great. With the support and attention we’ve been getting from fans, journalists and radio DJ’s. It was a great privilege to be included with those artists in the XFM top 21. Being played on the Chris Moyles show in January was a great start to the year too, and from then, the whole process has been quite effortless, considering this is just the beginning for us.

You put out a 7″ last month. What can we expect in the future? Any major plans?

It was important for us to have our first release in physical form, and there’s nothing better than vinyl when it comes to that medium.
We’ll be releasing our second single at the beginning of June. All other details and future plans are kept in a secret vault, waiting to be revealed…

Have you been to Sounds before? Any good stories?

We haven’t been before. If the past line-ups have been as good as this years then our hearts will fill with regret for not participating.