Sounds From The Other City

April 25, 2011

A chat with… Brown Brogues

There’s two of them, they make music that is loud, slightly sexy and a little bit frightening. One of them bangs on his drum kit, the other one has taken time out of his busy schedule to answer a couple of questions that were sent over to him. Here’s Mark from Brown Brogues, writing some words before going out to try and chat up some middle aged women with his unmistakable charms and noisy musical stylings

How’re you today?

Whell very well. How are you?

I played my uncle your songs. He wasn’t very impressed, sadly, but he’s mainly into Iron Maiden. To all the haters out there, how would you describe your sound?

Like a dog fight in a cakeshop

You’ve been to America. You’ve got a lot of anecdotes about America. What’s your favourite anecdote about your time in America?

We do have a lot of anecdotes. My favourite one is the one about going on a night out with 2 mexican girls in new orleans that ended in a trannie bar with one of them puking all over the bar and the other one stuffing two scarves into her friends mouth for the taxi ride back to the hostel. The vomit sprayed out from the sides and went pretty much everywhere, especially all over her face and she turned to me and said (in a lovely mexican accent) “I’m just pretending it’s water”

And we’ve got to ask: What was it like playing SXSW?

Pretty sweet I’ll say, it’s like being on the best holiday of your life except its not butlins you get to play with/see most of you’re favourite bands playing everyday its super hot, with nice people and cheap cigs and booze.

You did that vinyl on Suffering Jukebox not long back. What’re you doing in the future?

We have a UK tour coming up just waiting on a couple of things before we can announce it were very excited and were playing some festivals this summer too and a maida vale session for huw stephens in may. I’ve got some new recording toys so been recording none stop so were working on loads of new stuff.

Ever been to Salford before? How does it compare to Texas?

I have spent quite a bit of my short life in salford, both are lovely in different ways.

Thanks Mark!

Brown Brogues are doing a set for Trash-O-Rama. It is going to be pretty good.