Sounds From The Other City

April 29, 2011

A chat with… Weird Era

Coming out of the blue with two incredible albums worth of material, Weird Era were never going to be your normal band. Despite all the hype that followed, it took about a year before they got around to playing a first show – by which point, they had yet another album ready. We’ve been lucky enough to have them on the Sounds from the Other City bill as Postcards from Manchester are putting them on, and we spoke to Adam from the band about a few things ahead of the day:

Hiya Adam, how are you? What are you up to today?

I’m OK thanks, my bank holiday weekend was ace, a rare chance to properly unwind and switch off from the norm. Snoozing in, Roof top bbqs, Portal 2, can’t complain.

Today i’m back to work doing some coding and design whilst sorting a some new weird era songs into different groupings. I’m thinking about the way music is unleashed and feeling excited / confused in fluctuating measures. I’m also on my third cup of tea so soon to get the caffeine comedown…

You’re in Weird Era. For those who’ve not listened to you, how would you describe your music?

Weird Era i would describe as messy dream pop. We aim for you to press play again.

You’ve had a pretty prodigious output so far – what have you been most proud of to date?

Can’t say I ever feel proud, my main motivation is failure and looking to / learning from the negatives. I’ll save the self back patting for the VH1 storytellers special…

In terms of what we have released I like how Side B plays, I wanted to make a collection of addictive hazy pop songs you don’t know why you want to replay, and I think with tracks like Pornography Kill and Shy Guy Beach i at least got a foot in the door. I love the unexpected surprises that come from mixing up calculated thought and experimental risks when writing / recording. The Pale King from Side B was one of them – that title is also the title of David Foster Wallace’s final book that came out last week, who’s writing has inspired a lot of our work so far. RIP.

There are a lot of unreleased songs of ours i’m most into, but even though we aim to use fidelity as a lure to the music discoverers, its hard to know when you’ve gone too far and blindly fallen in love with the idea exclusively. Eventually you think, ‘wait, does this sound like dogshit to everyone else?…’, and thats pretty much why we have a shit loads of unreleased music in the wings. Its cool to have a vault though, vaults are ace. Play Fallout.

Anyway we have a new 4track 7″ coming out soon we are all happy with, so that’s my favorite right now.

And what do you think of the who ‘scene’ at the moment? It’s a bit of a lazy term, but bear with me.

The scene… Manchester really is a great place for music, really glad i’m here. From playing shows i’ve got to see and get to know some great local bands. Money are cool, those guys are passionate about the art of creating music and I love that. We are good friends with Young British Artists who are a great band unit, ace live. I’m more excited than ever before about good music coming through in Manchester and seeing the development of music on my doorstep. If i can put that kind of interest into one person with Weird Era I’d be super happy. Generally though, Manchester having a strong musical identity outside of its Madchester shackles is a dreamy dream I dream. Whoever has the key, give it up man, the game is up…

You play in Milk Maid as well. How’s that going for you?

Milk Maid is good fun, although we just parted ways with Paul (our guitarist) with whom it was a real pleasure to play with, he has the tone down. We are going on the road with the Fresh and Onlys in May which promises to be fun times.

And have you been to Sounds from the Other City before? Any good memories?

I’ve never been to Sounds from the Other City before, I’m looking forward to it this year, hoping to see Nasdaq play, I’ve recorded Dan and Liam before and they are some of the best musicians i know in the area. I’m most excited about wandering around and catching things unawares.