Sounds From The Other City

January 15, 2012

A chat with… Underachievers, Please Try Harder

Whilst other clubnights have fallen by the wayside, Underachievers keeps going from strength the strength. Starting off at the ill-fated Saki Bar, moved on to Gullivers and before moving to its new home of The Roadhouse. Showcasing some of the best new bands before playing some dancefloor fillers until the early hours, they’ve picked up various awards along the way. We sent Dave a couple of questions about what we can expect from their stage at SFTOC 2012.

Hiya Dave. In a sentence, sum up what Underachievers is for all those people who’ve never been
It’s an alt. indie night to share what you like without getting all po-faced about it.
For the last couple of years, you’ve been part of the Postcards from Manchester crew. What’s your best memory from it all?
Probably the epic after-parties, not to in any way demean some of the fine bands that have played for us. Evan from New Hips doing the long jump onto chairs across The Old Pint Pot was freakishly impressive.

What can we expect from you this year? Got anything special planned for the big day?
We’ve always wanted to do a secret set with someone. Maybe this year we’ll finally get a band to agree to one of our not really thought through, strange requests. Previous ideas involved boats and bandstands.

Oh, and lastly: give us a video of yr favourite track in the world at the minute

Cheers Dave.

Underachievers, Please Try Harder will be hosting a stage at The Salford Arms for Sounds from the Other City this year. The clubnight is the 2nd Saturday and last Friday of every month at The Roadhouse, and it is brilliant.