Sounds From The Other City

October 18, 2012

The Volkov Commanders have Landed

So The Volkov Commanders landed just one week ago and last night we took a visit to see them to see how they were settling in and to our surprise they have already set up a moon camp and begun using their beloved asteroids into costumes to guide us around the streets of Salford come November 4th

They are still keen to meet new Earthlings in their time here and would love for you to say hello. They will be opening up their moon camp and ensuring their anti gravity helmets are fastened on tightly on both Sunday 21st October and Wednesday 24th October for the following events.

Sunday 21st October – Contact Mic Workshop – 2-7pm – Moon Camp (Islington Mill) // Come discover the hidden sound of inanimate objects, and their potential as musical instruments. (No musical skill required. We’ve got none, and we’re hosting it!) This is a drop-in workshop, starting at 2pm on Sunday, 21st October.

Wednesday 24th October – Amateur Astronaut – 7pm – Moon Camp (Islington Mill) // Along with the Fourth Floor Film Night (Textbook Studio and Dan Russell) are hosting a night of performance, projection, film and participation. More than just a film screening this night will feature a performance from a human rocket, a specially commissioned stop motion sequence, an experimentation session with the Commanders as they create portraits of home on the walls using inks and lighting. And if that’s not enough after the ‘undisclosed’ film there will be your chance to take to a specially created mini set to re-enact the ending, the film in question that shall not be named is still looking for 15 second clips of how members of the public believe their film should end.