Sounds From The Other City

October 28, 2012

7 Days to Go – Tranarchy and the Northern Quarter Boys Choir

With exactly 7 days (to the minute) to go until Sounds From the Other City returns we are very pleased to announce that both Tranarchy and the Northern Quarter Boys Choir complete our line up for ORBIT: A Show in Seven Parts.

Along with working with the Volkov Commanders we are sure that what these three collectives offer up on the day is going to be sensational and different to what they normally do. To give you a bit of background on each of them:

Tranarchy What they sayWe are a drag / party / performance / music collective of trannies and show off’s; switchblade sisters ready to make over Manchester. We throw parties to dress to distress for. We’re Performers, DJ’s, Musicians, Film Makers, Misfits & Party Monsters and we want you you to join our gang! Be yourself and then times it by a 1000. Got a hump? Throw glitter on it and come dancing!”

What we say “One of the hardest working collectives in Manchester having thrown impromptu parties on Trams and Canal Boats, they are one of the most original and exciting groups we know, always a pleasure to work with and never afraid to do something a bit nuts. But let their videos speak for them (see above)

Northern Quarter Boys Choir – What they sayThere was once a group of horrible boys from Manchester. They smelt of ale and chips and spent a little too much time preening their glossy hair and curly beards.”

What we say “Having duetted with the Futureheads and raising over £1000 for Male Cancer Charity, Everyman, these guys are singing with so much more than passion and tone, super happy that this performance will kick start their Christmas festivities as they aim to raise even more this year.”

From now until 3pm on Sunday 4th November we will be offering up a new tidbit, news piece, video each day to help you get in shape for the unusual return of Sounds From the Other City. Lets just call it our 7 day diet plan.