Sounds From The Other City

February 3, 2013

A chat with… Bad Uncle

One of the great joys of Sounds from the Other City is that, quite a lot of the time, we aren’t quite sure what is going to happen once the stages are set up. We leave the promoters to it to go out and get the most interesting things they can find – so this year, we’re naturally incredibly excited by the prospect of Bad Uncle and Fat Out Til’ You Pass Out collaborating on a stage. Both are long term friends of SFTOC, even though we… errr… kind of told everyone that Bad Uncle was dead last year. We spoke to Ben about what we can expect from this years stage, as well as finding out how Bad Uncle came back from the dead…


Hi Ben. Boring one to start – to those out of the loop, can you give us description of what Bad Uncle is and what you do.

Bad Uncle is a non profit promotions outfit and has been putting on shows in Manchester since 2007 including a monthly residence championing new and local artists for the last 4 years. This is Bad Uncle’s fourth SFTOC and I’m proud as hell to still be getting asked back. It’s something I love doing and has always been a highlight of the year even before I was curating a stage.

You’ve been promoting for a couple of years and last year we… erm… kind of said that you were packing it in and that Bad Uncle was dead. Why the resurrection?

I’ll be totally honest. We were dead. The other ‘uncle’ decided he didn’t want to do it anymore and was concentrating on making music. But people kept asking me for shows and when I told people I was packing it in it was usually followed by people telling me categorically that I wasn’t allowed to.

Like any good zombie its been slow moving to start, but I’ve put on some great stuff over the 12 months including Papier Tigre, Galaxians, and Canteloupe. Who I would thoroughly recommend checking out.

This year you’re being a Fat Uncle, teaming up with Fat Out… – what can we expect?

Since Fat Out… came to town a few years back we’ve always been close and even had the pleasure if co promoting as Fat Uncle a couple of times in the past. Bad Uncle always tried to do something a bit different for Sounds, (previous years have seen us get bands doing live soundtracking) and this year is no exception. We bashed our promotional heads together and came up with the concept of a collaborative event. Asking bands to play together, write together, or just improvise together. Once again taking bands out of their comfort zone and encouraging them to do something brand new for the festival. We can’t reveal exactly what we’ve got lined up but we’re very excited by the ideas that are coming about.

Obviously, over the years you’ve seen a lot happen at SFTOC – what’s been your highlight?

Highlight for me would definitely have to be Teeth of the Sea headlining our stage last year. I know it’s big headed but it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had the privilege to put on. Their performance of Reaper (a sound tracking of the film Doomsday) blew my mind. Serious talent in that band.

Finally – give us something that has been exciting you of late…

The new album by Dan Friel (ex Parts and Labor) is due out real soon and this track is really making me dead dead excited. I honestly cannot wait, I’ve pre ordered and everything, proper giddy.