Sounds From The Other City

February 4, 2013

A chat with… Underachievers, Please Try Harder

Over the weekend, the news broke that we should stop all the clocks, as Underachievers were calling it a day. Though that’s only half the story, we still had to fight back the tears to send Dave a couple of questions about Manchester’s last great indie clubnight, and binge ate chocolate whilst reading his replies. Anyway, here’s what was said – and if things get too hard, remember – they’re still hosting a stage at SFTOC this year. Let’s cling onto that, shall we?

We usually start out by asking for the person to explain who they are and what they do, so let’s do that – Dave, what is Underachievers?
It’s a gig and clubnight. It started with the idea of being like a house-party that played interesting stuff. It’s evolved a good few times since then. Now it showcases new bands we love, and works into the alt. indie disco. It’s not to chin-stroke or be po-faced, just to let off some steam.
And the question that is on everyone’s lips: why is it coming to an end?
Erm, it just feels like the right time. We’ve done everything we wanted to do it with it really. Myself and Kirsty have a heavier day to day workload at the moment, and we started to feel it will suffer as a result. While we can end it in the right fashion, we would like to. The worst thing that could ever happen to it for me, would be to let it be average. We’ve had some really special times with it, and that would be tragic.
But, we’ll still be involved with the music we love. That’s the great thing of being part of this DIY community that SFTOC has put us in, we can’t really just walk away. It’s at a nice stage where we can help bands now, and we’re pretty adamant that shall not be lost. Just need to work out how to do it without being out til half 4 every other weekend!
What was your favourite Underachievers memory? And, in particular, what was your favourite memory of Underachievers at SFTOC?
There’s been too many to choose really. From dog’s shitting on the dancefloor before a night to Pat Nevin doing a set, it’s all a part of it. Favourite Sounds memory- erm, Those Dancing Days, the first European gig for The Rural Alberta Advantage, that bat-shit mental antics of Islet, Lovely Eggs last year, or maybe just drinking the Pint Pot dry in 2010.
I know you’ve still got a couple of shows left in you yet – including your stage at SFTOC 13 – so what can we expect this year?
The picks of the bands that played our clubnight this past year, together with some newbies. Hopefully a Tibetan food hatch again!
And finally – give us a taster of some music that’s really been getting you excited of late…