Sounds From The Other City

February 5, 2013

Divorce – Whisky Shoes/Melting

As excited as we are to finally confirm that Divorce will be returning to Salford this May, we’ll leave it up to Trash-O-Rama, whose stage they will be gracing, to say the rest.

Everyone loves a good Divorce…this four-piece high frequency no-noizecore outfit have been drilling into the eardrums of it’s audiences since 2008. Really they need no introduction but humour me please, pumping out their first full length release in September 2012 on Night School Records their attitude consists of Lydia Lunch on heat vocals, stabbing, jangly guitar work, orgasm inducing bass vibes & the best pounding you’ve ever had from the drum section. This being their first Sounds appearance in 3 years and with a new release in the pipeline we are stoked to have the mighty DIVORCE headlining the Trash-O-Rama stage. We’re here…we’re queer…you’d better fuck off before I punch yr lights out mate.

Quite. And here is a video of them playing live, stomping through Whisky Shoes/Melting for your pleasure.