Sounds From The Other City

February 12, 2013

A chat with… MCR Scenewipe

Towards the end of the last decade, there was a lot of chatter around Manchester about people trying to capture the scene that was emerging. Various projects tried to launch, and failed without much sorrow – but then came MCR Scenewipe. Since they began, Toby and Sam have been collaborating with SFTOC, mainly through their Sessions from the Other City and their video round ups of the day. This year, they plan to take it to the next level by doing Sceneskype at SFTOC – a project which will either be a defining moment of the festivals history for the right reasons or the wrong reasons, depending on technical difficulties. We had a chat with Sam Alder of MCR Scenewipe to discuss anything and everything…


Hey man – can you give us a little blast about what MCR Scenewipe is and what you do?

Manchester Scenewipe is a video blog slash music magazine website based around the emerging music of Manchester. It’s a hobby that got horribly out of hand. We film live sessions and mini documentaries, list gigs, post reviews and Manchester music news daily. We also put on a monthly live music night at Fuel Cafe in Withington, MCR and occasionally put on big all dayers in the city centre. We try and stay pumped every single day.

You’ve done a couple of things for SFTOC over the years, including the much lauded Sessions from the Other City – what’s been your favourite Salford session? And any particularly brilliant SFTOC memories to share?

Yes we’ve been huge fans of SFTOC since we started the website and it’s been an honour to be involved. Favourite sessions from the festival have to be Wode, Brown Brogues, Driver Drive Faster and a live set that we filmed of Klaus Kinski. To be honest most of our memories of the festival involve us legging it around with our crap cameras trying to get to the next venue to film something insane but for some reason I always remember the guy dressed up as the Penguin from Batman getting wasted at The Mill all day in 2010, he had the right idea.

Of course, there’s this whole Sceneskype thing we’ve got this year that has got everyone pretty excited – what can we expect?

MCR SceneSkype could either be the best event in the world or one of the biggest disasters ever, we’re just going to have to wait and see which one we get. Basically we’re streaming live acoustic performances from around the world with some awesome bands and musicians, it will be like a weird musical cinema and it should be a lot of fun. We’re gonna be having a video disco afterwards too so it will work out one way or another.

What’s for the future at Scenewipe? We’ve just lost Underachievers – you’re not thinking of packing it in too, are you?

Well all things must come to an end at some point but for now we’re more than happy doing what we do. We have so many stupid ideas we want to try before we even come close to packing it in, lots more sessions, shows and projects like SceneSkype are all in the pipeline so don’t bury us yet you swine.

Finally – give us a sample of what is getting you excited at the minute please.

Just when you think that Manchester isn’t gonna produce any more bands to get your heart racing again it goes and pumps out another batch of amazing music. I guess at the moment we’re buzzing off Queer’d Science, Amanaplan, Sex Hands, Irma Vep and our long time overlords Brown Brogues but that’s the brief version.