Sounds From The Other City

February 24, 2013

Introducing: Volunteers Park

Some people are so varied in their talents that it makes you feel a little bit sick at your own limited skill set. Aviram Cohen single handedly manages to put a couple of million musicians to shame with his versatility and nuance. Over the course of time he’s been the front man in the germs-y punk bank The Bad Form (“One of the best NY-area bands of the late ’90s/early ’00s. They probably would’ve been huge if they had stuck it out” according to one commenter), drummer in the absurdist lounge lizard skronking of Soiled Mattress & The Springs…

…and more recently as one third of the infinitely great Silk Flowers – a band who Comfortable on a Tightrope claim to be one of their favourite bands of all time

Now, however, Aviram is trying his hand at something new, working under the moniker Volunteers Park. Based in New York, this new project seems to have opened up an already infinitely gifted musician to even greater experimentation – The Fader commented of early tracks that that Volunteers Park has the potential to change from “elemental, black and glass-shattering like a horror movie soundtrack”, through to  “a cute, a nice Casio ditty about a dentist’s daughter”, whilst also having the ability to settle “somewhere in between, a compromise between light and dark”.

A debut 7″ was put out through the ever excellent De Stijl label, featuring Tragic Pote and Jerusalem Stone, a glimpse into the artists great range…

…which is due to be followed up with another wild change of pace due with a release due through Dean Spunt’s Post Present Medium label – a well known stage for great talent, having previously put out Silk Flowers (of course), No Age, Abe Vigoda, Tearist and Best Coast amongst many, many others. Volunteers Park’s 7″ is an easy fit into such a rich tapestry, and we look forward to seeing where the project have taken Avi by the time we greet him for Comfortable on a Tightrope’s stage in May.