Sounds From The Other City

March 19, 2013

Introducing… Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons is Ben Lewis from Leeds’ bit on the side when he’s not being in Blood Orange. It has a lot about it that, on first encounters, no one would blame you for hating. Not since Aqua has a recording project sat in the intersection of ‘Childishly Ungoogleable Band Names’ and ‘Band Names With Aquatic Connotations’ so obtusely.

If you’re sufficiently enraged by this, then you should probably reconsider your priorities, thank science that you live in a post-search engine era, be grateful he’s not suffixed it with ‘Girls’ or ‘XOX’ and stop using hideous blogger clichés like “ungoogleable”. Now we’ve all got some perspective, we can proceed.

Swimming Lessons will be playing the Underachievers Please Try Harder stage for Sounds From The Other City. This is important because Underachievers are a promoting duo so rarely unconvincing that it’s worrying. You’d be foolish not to take their recommendations as gospel. Other than this fact and the one online track, there’s not much we can deduce about what to expect, though it is only boring people who go to festivals with expectations.

The aforementioned video accompanied track ‘Halls’ is a technicolour tribute to VHS footage or something or other. It bleeps dreamily, if that is in fact possible, into a whirlpool of clever, electronic pop. Apparently MJ from Hookworms is partially to thank/blame as he was on producing duties. Swimming Lessons will be playing at The Crescent during that nice comfortable lull shortly after lunchtime.

by Lucy Holt