Sounds From The Other City

March 29, 2013

Announcing Manchester SceneSkype

At this year’s Sounds From The Other Festival we are going to be opening our international receptors and beaming in performances from all over our lovely globe via the God-like creature that is SKYPE!

Based in the Islington Mill’s downstairs gallery space we will have a trio of digital projectors, a dial-up
modem and enough bandwidth to hang your washing on and my goodness are we gonna have some fun (rhetorical).

Once the logistical hell-hole that is SceneSkype is over, we shall then log on to popular webcam interaction website Chat Roulette where we shall transmit our own dance party a potential audience of billions.

Don’t fear the future, fear the router crashing…


D/R/U/G/S (UK)

Oxbow (Exclusive Pre-record from Secret Location)

Modern Blonde (UK)

Lavoy (Alaska)

Jarboe and Antic Clay

Riognach Connolly (Brazil)

Pregnant (USA)

Woodpigeon (Canada)

Châteaux (UK)

DTB – David Thomas Broughton (North Korea)

Trojan Horse (UK)

Paddy Steer (UK)


Chat Roulette Disco