Sounds From The Other City

April 4, 2013

Introducing… Occult Hand

There’s a really good back-story behind Occult Hand’s lexical inclinations, but by the time you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard it and the novelty may already have been lost. If you’re really that interested in where they got their name from then you are more than welcome to do some research.

Isa Brooks and Henry Holmes are from Brighton and do dead crazy things like style their name ‘Issablood’, but just bear with it for the moment. They’ve deliberately shrouded themselves in the ubiquitous layer of mystique, but the discerning listener can seek out tracks ‘Rex’ and ‘Holy Water’.

The former stretches the definition of ‘track’ beyond all convention. Sinister static is punctuated by what sounds like someone reluctantly shifting furniture around a studio. It builds up all Hitchcock ‘Psycho’ style and disperses with a chilling lack of fanfare. The latter is marginally more songlike in the traditional sense, but don’t panic, it’s a more than suitably odd to satisfy any Halloween-twisted indulgences you may or may not have.

They’ll be bringing said oddities the Comfortable On A Tightrope stage in United Reformed Church. Arguably the best type of reformed church and indisputably the best setting for some nearly-satanic afternoon fun. We have it on good authority that their live show is something of a cross-legged spectacle too. They have been known to sit on the floor all séancey, backed by the type of projected images that come hand-in-hand with such weird wonders.