Sounds From The Other City

April 10, 2013

Introducing… Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers are some folk folks from London. They used to loiter around on the periphery of the Mumford/Noah and the Whale/Johnny Flynn scene, but as far as we can tell, have never been romantically involved with Laura Marling. How exactly this has impacted upon their musical career or creative output we will never be entirely sure, but as they have not yet been asked to headline Glastonbury, we’ll withhold judgment on the Marling factor and remain confident that a SFTOC slot offers with it loads more integrity.

Thus, next month, Treetop Flyers will be schlepping it up-country to ply their trade in Islington Mill for the ever-friendly sounding Hey! Manchester stage. Their presence sits nicely with a bunch of other singer/songwriter acoustic types, so we expect they’ll have a lovely day sat around drinking Drambuie and listening to Bob Dylan, or whatever it is that a gaggle of folk musicians do when they get together. Never let it be said that we’re not ones for community spirit.

With them, Treetop Flyers will be bringing material from their EP ‘To Bury The Past’ and album ‘The Mountain Moves’. From what we can safely deduce, this means a set full of unsquirmingly solid country pop. So like Dolly Parton, but not. Unlike their aforementioned Mumfordian peers, they indulge in the sounds of Americana, rather than get indulged by the moms of America. The track ‘Haunted House’ masters this musical incongruity, with particularly impressive Wild West movie vocals.

Then there’s the single ‘It’s About Time’, which features all the hats and hooks of a Californian hitchhiker, whilst remaining the underlying sense that whoever wrote it probably has to commute on the Tube everyday. Just wait until they see Salford.