Sounds From The Other City

April 10, 2013

Listen: Post War Glamour Girls – Jazz Funerals / Johnny and Mary

In the last 12 months Post War Glamour Girls have built up a formidable reputation within Leeds ever creative music scene. Timeless in their approach, they spit desolate, often surreal narratives over literate rock and roll foundations, pitched somewhere between The Birthday Party if they’d hailed from England’s industrial North and the Smiths if their dissatisfaction had boiled over. Their energy and conviction mark them out as a band people can truly believe in.

This double A side single captures a young, fiercely intelligent band in their ugly element. ‘Jazz Funerals’ explores the fear of death and how we (individually and culturally) deal with the inevitable. In typical Post War Glamour Girls’ twisted style, it starts out with frontman James Smith envisioning his conception via “Some unforgettable action, In the back of a Datsun” before requesting that when he finally does meet his demise, his co-workers “Scatter his ashes by the coffee machine”. ‘Johnny and Mary’ is a beautiful succinct take on the Robert Palmer classic, taking its infectious synth melody and re-imagining it as a broken and gnarled fuzz guitar line. A fine tribute to a pop icon 10 years after his death.