Sounds From The Other City

April 18, 2013

Introducing… Modern Blonde

It’s going to be like the Eurovision Song Contest, but so so much better.

This is SceneSkype, an idea borne form a chance pun that’s got wildly out of hand. The dear folk from Manchester Scenewipe are lugging their AV equipment to the downstairs Islington Mill gallery space for some worldwide World Wide Web-based musical networking.

Modern Blonde are representing Manchester in this potential technological disaster. This does raise the question of why they can’t just perform in person, but Sounds From The Other City is on a bank holiday Sunday, so they might have prior commitments.

If their mammoth 22-track album ‘Home Truths’ is anything to go by, they deal in electro-cladded pop made for the pop-cynical and, I think, just the cynical; there are liberal swathes of sulkiness under the otherwise shiny exterior.

‘Plague’ is a microcosm of this. It’s all delirious dub-beats next to dolorous, droning vocals. You’ll dance though, promise. It’s incongruous electronica without the bits you hate.

I’m sure Modern Blonde intend to play some real gigs, but what’s the appeal of that? What the promoters save on the rider will probably be much better spent on some interesting lighting fixtures and a dry ice machine.

As we are in the habit of unwisely placing trust in puns, the only logical thing to do is to plug in your charger and embrace ‘Modem Blonde’: the original babes of the Skype music scene.