Sounds From The Other City

April 22, 2013

13 Days to Go – 5 things to get excited about

As we are a festival that are proud of bringing new music to the forefront, you may or may not be familiar with some of the artists performing and some are downright ungoogleable (Pregnant, Boats etc) so first up we have already put together a handy Spotify playlistfor your listening pleasure. And today we’ve picked out 5 that we think deserve your further attention:Who knows maybe you’ll find your favourite new artist?

Gramme at The Old Pint Pot

14 years ago, way back in 1999, a group called Gramme put out a record  that some say changed the face of music. A direct influence on James Murphy & Hot Chip and probably every other cool electronica artist you care to mention “Like You” showed a group literally ahead of their time however they disappeared, not to be seen for well over a decade.

Then, in 2011, a couple of tunes were released and this year Gramme ARE back full and proper. We got a glimpse of the group they have evolved into after their performance at Soup Kitchen last week. We can’t recommend them highly enough, full on grooves.

Tesla Tapes at The Salford Arms

Fat Out Til You Pass Out and Bad Uncle have teamed up on the Salford Arms and have invited Islington Mill based GNOD along for the ride. GNOD have been blowing up this year, remixing Goat exclusively for Record Store Day, even the Guardian have sat up and taken notice. They’ve also started up their own label Tesla Tapes which they will be showcasing at Sounds, an output for musical projects and meanderings by Gnodheads past, present & future.

DJ Q at The Old Pint PotFor an artist who got big in a scene that many thought would never see the light outside of the Steel City, DJ Q has lived on to be recognised as one of the pioneers of UK Urban Dance music. Now starting his new incarnation, Classified, the UK garage producer’s funky side project has gone into overdrive. Released on the renowned Unknown to the Unknown label and playing on this showcase from Faktion, you can be sure that the quality will be at a unprecedented level.

Red Deer Club Secret Sessions in secret locations

Having previously put on gigs in front rooms, bank vaults and disused printers, we’re really excited that Red Deer Club will be taking some of the more well known of the sftoc line up and putting them on (secretly) in some of the most clandestine of spaces. Maybe some of these secrets will be revealed in our 13 Day Countdown, maybe not, but maybe they will, or not……the most important thing to do is keep an eye on our twitter for details as we announce them @sftoc.

Rozi Plain at Islington Mill 

Born Rosalind Leyden in the leafy-greens of Winchester, Rozi Plain moved to Bristol and then on to London, creating beautifully intricate music that still retains some of the natural world wonder of her origins. She’s toured with Devendra Banhart, James Yorkston and Viking Moses. Having released her latest album on Fence Records last year, we imagine that the gorgeously haunted surrounds of Islington Mill should be an easy fit for her this May.