Sounds From The Other City

April 25, 2013

10 Days To Go… Group Rhoda preview

There isn’t long to go until Sounds from the Other City – but, for the first time, this year we’re getting things started especially early by having our own little warm up show in collaboration with our good friends – and SFTOC promoters to boot – Comfortable on a Tightrope. On their stage at the festival this year, they’ll be bringing Volunteers ParkSea PinksLa La Vasquez, and many more to United Reformed Church. Have a look at their full line-up here.

Tickets for this are available for £3 here or, for those who have yet to purchase their ticket to the main festival, there is a £20 bundle that will gain you entry to both the show and SFTOC here

Anyway, this Saturday (27th) we welcome Group Rhoda to KRAAK gallery as a little taster of what is to come little over a week later. In many ways, the project – work of San Franciscan Mara Barenbaum – is a quintessential SFTOC booking. Her album Out of Time, Out of Touch came out last year through Nightschool Records (home to DIVORCE, who play the festival for Trash-O-Rama this year, here is their website), 8 tracks which flit between industrial minimalism and flighty pop fantasy, often playing on the differences between those two differences. Comparisons have been made to both Suicide and Throbbing Gristle, but there’s a deeper sense of melody and harmony on show through all Barenbaum’s work. Here is what reviewers had to say about the records

 “What is so impressive throughout the set is Barenbaum’s assured and single-minded vision. There is no way she’s about to make you a deal and drop a swooning piece of pop into the mix. Her industrial and minimal waves of sound skirt the edges of society – much like many of her influences once did. And with tracks like Nightlight, which feels like a drive through Brenbaum’s visual mind, you are led into an effectively hypnotic soundscape via the electronic rhythm and fading daylight.” – Bowlegs

“This album opens up a palette of new, yet historically sound territory in a concise and smart hybrid stylized record. GR offers the listener a cobustion of exploding space dust, writing a narrative based under the cloak of science fiction fact mantras of fucked up up up non pop non music music.” – Decaycast

“This is something different that will stimulate new memories as well as old Barenbaum is a clever and talented musician who is guaranteed a bright future.” – Penny Black

Have a listen to a selection of Group Rhoda’s atmospheric pop here:

Also on the bill are fellow Nightschool stalwarts Apostille, who have also released a 7″ through Comfortable on a Tightrope’s own little label. Again, the balance of this band’s art is based on the struggle between a sea of noise and the buoy of pop hooks

Adding a certain amount of ambiance to the bill are O>L>A, who specialise in slow build, cavernous soundscapes and luscious breakdowns. This performance will act as a preview for their forthcoming debut EP, and promises guitar loops, vocal harmonies and layer upon layer of carefully crafted atmosphere

Finally, we also welcome Kraken – the work of one Jamie Lee, also of one of the region’s most celebrated new acts, MONEY. A solo project, the work under this name are more reflective and stripped back, but still delivered with the intensity that has made his material some of the most feted across the world over the past couple of years. Turn up early, for to miss this performance would be a sin