Sounds From The Other City

April 26, 2013

9 Days To Go… The Final Underachievers Clubnight

To be perfectly honest, when we were planning the countdown of how many days there are left until SFTOC and penning in certain features for certain times, we had another interesting interview to come today. But that was purely because it kind of slipped our mind what the 26th April 2013 would mean for Manchester, and quite how much it would affect us. Tonight sees the end of an era – the moment when one of the most important parts of the city’s musical heritage would be packing it in.

Tonight, Dave and Kirsty will throw their last ever Underachievers, Please Try Harder – the best indie clubnight Manchester has ever known. Having started 5 years ago, they quit at the top of their game – and with a stage at Sounds from the Other City still to host, too. They’ll be running The Crescent, and have managed to convince PARENTHETICAL GIRLSHAIKU SALUTSEPTEMBER GIRLSSWIMMING LESSONS, POST WAR GLAMOUR GIRLSSONGS FOR WALTER and LETTERS TO FIESTA – tickets for the whole festival are still available here:

Their special guests tonight will be Ghost Outfit – who have twice wowed the crowds at SFTOC – and we spoke to Dave ahead of their emotional goodbye at The Roadhouse. A word of warning if you turn up – expect tears, and buckets of them.

Hiya Dave – we won’t keep you long – but how does it feel knowing that this time tomorrow there won’t be another Underachievers clubnight left?

Erm, little strange, but we’ve been so caught up in making these last night’s big events, i’m not sure it will actually sink in for a few weeks yet. I think when we have no facebook events to do, bands to book, or ticket sales to check, it will properly hit home.

What’s been your favourite floorfiller over the past couple of years?

I think the Underachievers anthem is probably Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland 1945. It’s all about the intro for me, never fails to shake a dancefloor that. Being a dancefloor filler is it ironic though, considering what it’s about.

Any notable failures? Any tracks that have stunk the place out?

I still maintain it’s healthy to kill it now again. Least you’re not playing it safer than safe. However, a couple of months back this beautiful Nick Drake track bombed. Which was a surprise, because all previous times we played it, it went really well! Tough crowd or far too gentle for a dancefloor…either way, didn’t work out.

Of course, there’s always SFTOC to come – you’ve got Parenthetical Girls headlining. What’s yr favourite (((grrrls))) track?
Yep, very true. By the time we recover (next week probably) we’ll no doubt be immersing ourselves in sorting who’s lending bass amps and all the rest of it. Favourite Parenthetical Girls song, probably Love Connection. Both this and the Casiotone For The Painfully Alone version are amazing!

How do you hope Manchester is going to cope with the loss of it’s last great indie clubnight?

It will be just fine. I think sometimes people get too caught up in things like indie/ guitar music dying. We’ve been reading about it for over a decade now, but new bands are still starting up. And with that, so will clubnights.

Have a look at the Underachievers SFTOC line-up, as well as what else you can see on the day, here: