Sounds From The Other City

April 27, 2013

8 Days To Go – Red Deer Sessions

One thing that every music festival has is – well – music. What seperates festivals are the bookings – and obviously we make sure that we have the best in new music every single year – and the stages themselves. Some people like standing in a crowd of hundreds of thousands, watching Muse on a big screen in the freezing cold in a field. Not us. So along with acts like Daedelus, Parenthetical Girls, Hiss Golden Messenger, Deptford Goth, Still Corners and a load more, we have a few special bits for you, including some secret Red Deer Sessions. We had a chat with Duncan from Red Deer about what it is they do, their past with the festival and what we can expect…

Tickets for the festival – including the (still secret) Red Deer Sessions are available through Skiddle. Grab them whilst you can:

Hi Dunc – to those who don’t know, could you tell us a bit about who you are and what Red Deer Club is? 

Red Deer Club is a label specialising in animal noises, deep tones and canadian exports.. we even have a hockey team.

On the other side of the coin we promote musics in Manchester and embrace all our musicians with a huge friendly hug, developing them for the brave cutthroat world of democracy.

It’s basically a label that has been running for eight years now (it’s our eight birthday in May) we are old and still here. We occasionally put on live nights in and around Manchester, it’s lots of fun.

Of course, you’ve got a long history of working with the festival yourself – any particular highlights that you care to remember?

I’ve been to every one, it’s a honour coming as a punter, then running a stage for a couple of years (in the best venue at SFTOC) and then somehow I ended up running the entire festival with Mark Carlin, god knows how that happened. I had to take a step back from running the festival due to mental health issues and now we back promoting some of the smallest shows at SFTOC, I like to keep things small….

In regards to highlights, the first years was great, I had a giggle fit in the middle of the street, for no particular reason, it felt good though. Then I guess the phone box gigs that Maurice Carlin organised, I had no part in this and didn’t witness any of them, but listening to feedback from the individuals who had chance to partake was one of my best experiences, it encapsulated everything that is good about SFTOC, a positive force acting for the good of man kind through the medium of art.

What do you reckon makes SFTOC the special festival that it is?

I think I may have just answered that questions above without even realising it, maybe that’s what special, the sense of surprise and intrigue, you never know what to expect, this is built on the passion of the many people involved, it’s an unstoppable force and hopefully shines through on the day, you can smell it.
And in terms of your involvement this year – is there anything we can expect? You’ve kept the details of everything pretty much to yourself – we’re even intrigued here at SFTOC towers…

This year has all been about the quiet, I am now leading a quieter life and I want this to reflect in the performances I’ve put together, I’ve put on quite a few shows and I don’t like too much SHOUTING. Not in the talking sense, more in the ‘living up to the hype’ sense… We are not aiming to change the way you put on shows, I just think it’s something different.

Normally shows are pretty boring and easy (anyone can do them) I guess the constant form of boredom has spurned us on to do some secret shows.

There hasn’t been many words about it as its a surprise, basically it’s 3 or 4 secret performances, in which you don’t now where you are going or who you are going to see. Even when you get there I am going to hide the performers, you may guess who is playing but I want these to appear faceless, bare to the common (wo)man. The voices will do the speaking, not the faces.
For the festival itself this year, is there anything that you’re particularly excited about?

I am looking forward to not having to run around like a dick and organising everyone, next year I may come as a punter and absorb all the rays into my face, but there’s always an itching burn to help out, it’s in my blood.

I may just sweep the streets next year, with my beard. The like that sort of performance stuff at Islington Mill. Performance.