Sounds From The Other City

April 28, 2013

7 Days To Go… The Volkov Return

Right, before we get started – and this is a strange tale, so if you’re reading on your mobile, go and sit down – it would be remiss of us not to remind you that this time next week we will be partying all day and all through the night, as SFTOC 13 will finally be upon us. Tickets are still available through Skiddle – but won’t be for long. get yours here:

Err, we know that Sounds from the Other City has always had a bit of a focus on some of the weirder aspects of the music and arts scene, but somethimes things get a little too strange for us. Take today, for instance – as we were doing the usual boring, day to day work of organising a festival (in this case, walking from Islington Mill to top up some flyers around the venues in preparation for the big day), we came across a man dressed head to toe in silver clothing, a sparkling rock dangling from around his neck, shaking. We stuck the posters back in our backpacks, sat him down outside St. Philip’s School and tried to get him to speak – all to no avail. He was clasping this leaflet, which we – finally – managed to convince him to let go of. It seems that the Volkov are returning, and this time they have a focus on us earth folk – and we’re very afraid.

We have, of course, got previous with the Volkovs, as they invaded Islington Mill’s courtyard as part of Panopoly at SFTOC 12…