Sounds From The Other City

January 10, 2014

From the vaults: Mark Carlin BBC interview, SFTOC 05

As you might have heard, SFTOC 2013 is going to be the 10th edition of the festival. As with any landmark, it is a good time to look back and take stock – and, more importantly, to dig up things that you’d completely forgotten about. Before the festival in 2005, the BBC were kind enough to interview Mark Carlin – one of the people behind the festival’s formation, who is still responsible for plotting the party every year. Though the festival has grown and some of the bands may have changed (thank god Former Bullies are still around, but whatever happened to No Hope in New Jersey?), some things have still eeirly remained the same (“expensive new flats and bars cropping up all over the Northern Quarter”).  Our favourite bit, however, is the final question:

Will this be the start of a regular Salford shindig?

“Hopefully. It would be very cool to make it a regular event on the city’s calendar and I definitely think there is room for it. So far, everything is going really well but I think we will see this one through and then start planning next year’s.”

Read the full interview here