Sounds From The Other City

February 12, 2014

More names: Werkha, Pete Herbert, 2 Billion Beats, Plank! & more at Islington Mill

The central hub of the Sounds from the Other City party, Islington Mill has been integral to pretty much all of our past parties, and this year will be no different. With Hey! Manchester and Now Wave previously taking the reigns, this year we’ve handed over the main space to Dub Smugglers, Mind on Fire & El Diablo’s Social Club to keep things going way into the early hours:

Dub Smugglers SoundSystem: 3-6pm

Specialising in Dub Reggae and Bassline, Sub Smugglers have formed their own headquarters, pumping out new records and becoming some of the most renowned purveyors of heavy sounds around. Playing from a specially crafted rig, the Smugglers should get the Mill party started right.

Mind on Fire: 6.30-11pm –

Werkha is the project of musician & producer Tom A. Leah. Since he unleashed his debut ‘Cube & Puzzle’ EP in September 2012, the release has become something of an underground sensation. Following this debut release on Cool Kid Music, Werkha has enjoyed airplay throughout Europe, most notably from the Godfather of world music, Gilles Peterson on his BBC 6 Music show.
Hailing from Manchester, Leah began feeding his musical passions through Classical, Folk, and Jazz music as a youngster. After leaving the bricks of Manchester for the sticks of Cumbria, a subsequently well-travelled childhood exposed him to a vibrant landscape of wide musical styles. This is clearly been manifested in the sound he has harnessed as Werkha. If you haven’t already, expect to hear an infectious fusion of Afrobeat, Bass, House, Jazz, Funk, and Soul, bound together and brought bang up to date through contemporary electronic production that never stands still.

A Manchester band that take more inpiration from the underground music of 1970’s Germany than they do of the bands that come from these rainy surrounds. Working closely with local label Acoustik Anarkhy, they’ve become cult favourite in the north-west thanks to their dense, texture melodies and cultured songcraft.
Raikes Parade

Andy Blundell AKA Raikes Parade is a musician/producer currently residing in Manchester. After spending a couple of years in bands he now produces his own solo projects. Incorporating live instrumentation with digital production techniques. He works closely with Herbal Sessions soundsystem, OneFiveEight projects, Gnod & Nucleus Roots. Also with his live set he’s supported the likes of Amon Tobin ISAM Live, Mungos Hi-Fi & Jahtari.
El Diablos Social Club: 11-4am –
Pete Herbert

One time proprietor of the infamous Atlas Records shop in Soho, London over a decade ago, Pete divides his time these days either behind the wheels of steel at clubs and parties around the globe or in the studio working solo or on various musical projects
When not in the studio Pete can be found regularly behind the decks at places such as The Nest, Fabric, Ministry Of Sound, Horse and Groom and other parties/clubs in his native London, including a regular slot at the Sancho Panza Notting Hill Carnival Stage each year. As well as on home turf Pete’s sound has seen him travelling extensively overseas, and plays regularly in other forward thinking clubs around Europe, a regular at the huge Goa Electronic Parties in Madrid, and regular slots in Paris, Marseille, Belgrade, Moscow, Copenhagen amounst others
2 Billion Beats (live)

2 Billion Beats are captivated by a more naive, innocent time in the development of human culture and technology. They are obsessed with trying to recreate the mind pictures evoked by cult and pop culture in the limitlessly imaginative and impressionable juvenile mind.

They can’t help but look back and revel in the warm fuzzy feelings evoked when watching badly animated cartoons on wobbly VHS, marvel at outdated futuristic technologies of the past, and they pine for times long gone when music was, underproduced, mistake-ridden, and, well, musical.

El Diablos Social Club DJs
Since its inception in 2003, El Diablo’s Social Club has forged a reputation as one of Manchester’s best-loved underground nights. With its feet planted firmly on the psychedelic disco dancefloor, the vibe is open-minded and intimate partying with a distinctly wayward trajectory. Cosmic, disco, Balearic, italo and house are the focus, but other musical stops are made along the way. It’s all about dancing ‘til you drop and meaning it.