Sounds From The Other City

April 26, 2014

8 Days to Go: Team SFTOC take on Common Bar

TONIGHT, we will be resuming our takeover on the Common decks from 9-2 but this time joined by some friends past and present. The night will consist of 10 mini DJ sets in homage to our 10th birthday. Each set is themed and here is what you can expect.

9-9.30 Mark C – Live & Love
This video is the defining moment of the combo of charity and cocaine!

9.30-10 Matthew Britton – 2004
Can you keep up?

10-10.30 Bad Uncle Ben – TV Theme Tunes
Classic Des Lynam at his smooth peak

10.30-11 Matthew Britton – 2005
Konichiwa, Bitches

11-11.30 Riv Burns – Soca & Azonto Rhythms
Bringing the Summer Sun to proceedings is a taste of carnival time

11.30-12 El Tron Jonze – Lectronic Rhythmyks
The Brothers Carlin and El Tronl made this track when we were youngsters!

12-12.30 Shez Pez & Kaede Fujimoto – Asia
Turntable masters look to their Eastern roots for inspiration for this special 30!

12.30-1 – El Tron Jonze – Rhythmyk Lectronics
El Tron booked this guy at the Mill in 2008 and about 20 people turned up – curvecrasher!

1.30 – SFTOC – Sweet Female Attitude
What the fuck is going on in this video?

1.30-2 – SFTOC – Sweet Male Attitude
Bringing it home in a strong fashion!