Sounds From The Other City

April 29, 2014

5 days to go: DJs, merch, record fair and art exchange at Deli Lama

As part of Sounds from the Other City, we’ve invited Michael Holland from Ono Tesla/Fulbaechop/Haxan to curate his own merch stall in the Deli Lama, and invite his pals to flay some of the finest wax in the process.

However, he’s taken it one step further – by creating his own artist exchange too, where creative types can go and swap items for their own ends. After the festival, the exchange will move over to Islington Mill Courtyard, and be open 24/7 ¬†throughout the year.

We asked Michael to explain a little about the project, as well as his space in the Deli Lama:

Over the past six months I have been accumulating lots of artists materials, paper for collages, paints in cans, brushes, haberdasheries – the kind of stuff any modern artist could use to create a masterpiece, or at least get an idea down when they are inspired by Islington Mill’s energy. Launching at SFTOC, the project will be a recycler’s dream – starting by running alongside the merch and DJs at the Deli Lama. The exchange will find its home in a shed in the courtyard of the mill and will be open 24/7 after the festival, and I will continue to resource materials for creativity. If anyone has something that they fancy putting in the pot, we will gratefully accept any contributions.

In terms of the record fair and merch, there will be products from local labels and bands playing the festival – as well as some exclusive SFTOC gear created especially for the day. There will also be records from my own huge collection.”

DJs joining him on the day include:
Robert Parkinson (Preston is my Paris)
Yousif Al Karaghouli (Kult Country)
Macca (Soup Kitchen )
John Powell Jones (Savwo)
Michael ready to take on the Volkov Commanders at this years festival

Michael ready to take on the Volkov Commanders at this years festival