Sounds From The Other City

April 29, 2015

4 DAYS TIL SFTOC – A peek into the Nebula Crab Lair & interview with Paul Hallows

One of the stars of last year’s SFTOC – taking the parade by storm and becoming somewhat of a viral star ahead of the day itself – we’re proud to be welcoming back the Nebula Crab this year. Created by Paul Hallows, he’ll be decking out Bad Uncle’s stage at the New Bailey Arch as his very own lair – and we’ve got some exclusive pics of what you can expect.

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We’ve also had a chat with the man behind the Nebula Crab, Paul Hallows, about what we can expect from the Lair, as well as what we can expect from this otherworldly superstar in the future.

SFTOC Tickets are available priced at £20 from Skiddle here: as well as in person from Piccadilly Records, and booking fee free from North Tea Power, Font Bars Manchester and the Kings Arm.


CultOfCrabNebula Crab was a huge hit at last year’s SFTOC at part of Volkov Commander’s parade – what’s inspired the comeback?

– The crab has been resting in my studio since the last Sounds and I’d felt like I’d wanted to flesh out his reality a little more, so when Bad Uncle asked if I wanted to do anything this year, I started wondering about building that world.

You’re working with Bad Uncle to turn the New Bailey Arch into the Nebula Crab Lair. What can SFTOC-goers expect to see? Is there anything we should look out for?

– Well, as most of my 3D builds go, once I’ve started the ideas tend to snowball, so now I’ve morphed the crabs lair into a his inner mind/planet and building everything around that idea. Expect brains, pyramids and a planet of the occult.

BrainBoxHead…and we’re guessing that the Nebula Crab will be there on the day, right?

-The nebula crab is back! He’ll be at the gateway to the arches looming over everybody who delves in deeper. Be afraid.

After SFTOC, what can we expect from the Nebula Crab?

-After Sounds, wherever the cosmos takes him! Whether that’s to further artistic ventures, mounted in someones living room or burnt on a big bonfire we shall see.