Sounds From The Other City

May 1, 2015

2 DAYS TIL SFTOC – Stage times (and clashfinder) announced

More than any other year, the question that we’ve been asked most often on the social has been about when we were going to announce stage times. Finally, we’re able to bring you the complete listings for what you’re going to do when on May 3rd.

We’ve also put together a very handy clashfinder to help you work out what you’re doing over the course of the day. Have a look here:

SFTOC Tickets are available priced at £20 from Skiddle here: as well as in person from Piccadilly Records, and booking fee free from North Tea Power, Font Bars Manchester and the Kings Arms. They will sell out before May 3rd – grab one while you can.

See the full listings below.

Now Wave at Islington Mill

15:30 Jupiter-C
16:30 Groves
17:30 Beach Baby
18:30 R Seiliog
19:30 Real Lies
20:45 Gengahr
22:15 LA Priest
23:00 Deep Hedonia After Party Begins

Comfortable on a Tightrope at Islington Mill Gallery

15:00 Composition
16:00 Fliss Horrocks
17:00 Jon Collin
18:00 Jen Calleja
19:00 Irma Vep
20:15 Normal Love
21:30 Paper Dollhouse
22:00 After Party Begins

Hey Manchester at St Philip’s Church

16:15 Will Varley
17:15 Cale Tyson
18:15 Pinkshinyultrablast
19:15 Brown Brogues x PINS
20:15 Zun Zun Egui
21:30 Jane Weaver
22:30 Stage Close

Grey Lantern presents a Faux Discx Showcase at The Angel Centre

16:45 Tense Men
17:45 Housewives
18:45 Cowtown
19:45 Sauna Youth
20:45 Sex Hands
21:45 Cold Pumas
22:30 Hookworms DJs
00:00 Stage Close
With DJs between acts.

Fat God at the Old Pint Pot

15:40 Creeping Heat
16:40 Lakes of Snakes
17:30 Denim & Leather
18:30 Barberos
19:45 Shit & Shine
21:00 Mike O’Neill
22:00 Faktion / Annex / Gesamtkunstwerk After Party Begins
With Michael Holland and Brain Machine Radio DJs between acts.
01:00 Stage Close

Gizeh Records & Little Red Rabbit at The Crescent

17:15 Tomorrow we Sail
18:15 Lazurus Clamp
19:15 Secret Guests
20:15 Fieldhead
21:15 Last Harbour
22:30 Naked (on Drugs)
0:00 Stage Close

Sham Bodie at The New Oxford

17:45 Sam & Tom
18:15 PINS (play & chat)
19:00 Game of Chance
19:15 Sean Morley
19:30 Quippodrome
20:45 Will Setchell
21:00 Brown Brogues (play & chat)
21:45 A Mild Daliance
22:00 Tony Basnett
22:15 Barbara Nice
0:00 Stage Close

Red Deer Club at Bexley Square Tent

15:00 Square Open
16:00 Najia Bagi
17:00 Songs for Walter
18:00The Battle of Bexley Square*
19:30 Liz Green
20:30 Aidan Smith
21:00 Square Close
*Featuring: Sara Lowes, Liz Green, Songs for Walter, Phill Howley, Aidan Smith, Najia BagI, Jote Osahn, Raz Ullah, Chris McGrath, Neil C.Young.

Video Jam at The Kings Arms

15:30 Esper Scout and Joe Whitmore (Live Score and full set)
16:45 Mark Greer*
17:15 Metaphysical Human and David Oates & Mishka Henner (BlackLab) (Live Score and full set)
18:15 The Bear around your Neck*
18:45 Acre Tarn and Alex Anikin (Live Score and full set)
19:45 WATER*
20:30 Hartheim and Man Ray (Live Score and full set)
21:30 The Kraken – Ceilidh Band*
22:00 Good Afternoon After Party Begins

Tru Luv @ Salford Arms

17:00 Charlie Cocksedge
18:15 Black Josh
19:30 Deadbear
20:30 Bhrisc
21:30 Voodoo Black
22:30 D/R/U/G/S
23:30 Winter Son (Ghosting Season)
01:00 Stage Close
With DJ Loftt between acts.

Red Laser, El Diablos Social Club & Wet Play at First Chop Brewing Arm

16:00 Randy Marsh / Il Bosco /Kickin Pigeon / B2B2B
18:30 Paddy Steer
19:15 Disco Mums
20:15 Ruf Dug
21:15 El Diablo’s Social Club
23:00 Silverclub
0:00 Ste Spandex
02:00 Stage Close

Bad Uncle presents ‘Inception – a Festival within a Festival’ at New Bailey Arch 1

Tombed Visions Records present
15:00 Danny Saul vs. Sam Weaver
15:30 David Birchall / Sam Andreae / Andrew Cheetham Trio
16:00 David McLean, Jonn Dean, Callum Higgins & Chris Anderson
The Beauty Witch present
16:45 Wilderness Hymnal
17:15 Groves
Super Smash Hits Records present
17:50 Playacting
18:20 Jeu
18:50 Hot Shorts
Bad Uncle present
19:25 Doctrines
19:55 Baby Brave
20:25 Fists
Violent Femmes present
21:00 Hate your Friends  (Play the hits of The Lemonheads)
21:30 Junk (Play the hits of Jesus & Mary Chain)
22:00 VF Big Band Karaoke
22:30 Stage Close

Sways Records present ‘The Ring Cycle’

16:00 PART I: The Gay Science*
18:30 PART II: Ecco Homo*
21:00 PART III: Twilight of the Gods*
22:30 Stage Close
*All Performances Featuring: Mother, Kraken, Parade, Kyogen, Blacklung, EZO.

Samarbeta present Ex-Easter Island Head & BBC Philharmonic Ensemble at Vimto Gardens

17.00 Performance 1
18.30 Performance 2
19:30 Ex Easter Island Head solo performance
limited capacity, get your free tickets from the Wristband exchange from 14.00, first come, first served. Entry not permitted once performance has begun. 

The International 3 presents ‘The Whole Wide World’ at The International 3 Gallery

17.00 – 18.30 Live performance programme

The Record Fair at The Deli Lama
Independent record fair selling tapes, vinyl and merch plus your one stop shop to buy all things SFTOC related. Run by Callum Higgins of Sacred Tapes & Michael Holland of Ono with DJ sets throughout the day.


Islington Mill Gallery

22:00 Night Fantasy
00:00 SMS
02:00 Chew Disco
04:00Annie Trailer Trash
06:00 Stage Close

Deep Hedonia present Golden Hank Mondo’s Human Entertainment System – Islington Mill Club

23:00 Onika DJ
00:00 Entertainment System Part 1
00:30 Entertainment System Part 2
01:00 Christeene (LIVE)
01:45 Croww (Highbank) DJ
04:00 Gesamtkunstwerk DJ

Faktion x Gesamtkunstwerk x Annex Agency – The Old Pint Pot

21:30 Guildford Squad (Powell & Conor Thomas)
22:30 Rian Treanor (LIVE)
23:15 NPLGNN
00:00 Vulj & Hess
01:00 Stage Close

Good Afternoon at the Kings Arms

22:00 Good Afternoon djs
22:00 Garth Be (Sweet Sticky Records) *
23:00 Pumping Iron *
0:00 Wasp Nest *
01:00 Stage Close
+ Eggs Collective perform throughout the evening

Costumologists x Faux Queens present Micro Cosmic Delirium

A microscopic P-A-R-T-Y virus has infected SFTOC, feeding off musical tones and good vibrations, it’s spreading its glittery tentacles and threatening to engulf the whole city! Help it along by accepting its gifts and joining us at…
16: 00 Day time Boom Box Street Parties – Infiltrating the streets.
16:45  Node Worship – Meeting at Salford Arms, swiftly spreading to the Arches to infiltrate the Nebula Crab Lair.
18:30 Ballistic Barberos Brigade  – Meeting at the Bandstand by the Pint Pot, Delirium infects the minds of Barberos with rhythmic hysteria.
19:00 Ride in The Infamous Experience Chair – Alternate transportation for a multi sensory story-tale motion experience, roaming through the festival.
22:00 Asbo Balloon Bash – At First Chop, The delirium reaches it’s aggressive stage.
23:00 Flashing Grills – At the Kings Arms, Get your teeth into it.
01:45 Cobra Flipmode Satan Squad – At Islington Mill, Reaching complete body takeover, uncontrollable limbs and body shakes with Deep Hedonia.