Sounds From The Other City

April 22, 2016

9 days to go: SFTOC.TV Listings

SFTOC.TV: the brainchild of SFTOC’s favorite badman, Bad Uncle and the superpowers of IMPATV. Together they combine to transmit live to the planet as part of this year’s festival. They will be broadcasting live from their custom made telly studio for the full day and bringing you a cavalcade of entertainment via

The brief was set; ‘stream SFTOC live to an audience of millions’. The outcome…well….who knows but it includes 2 stages in a ginormous warehouse space behind Islington Mill and a guaranteed whole lot of fun and mayhem.

To celebrate only 9 days to go the troublemakers have teamed up with artist Steve Hockett to create the wonderful SFTOC.TV Times. You’ve heard of Radio Times, Inside Soap and the classic TV Guide BUT this is what you really want to read and know, soak it up:



We personally can’t wait!

Tickets are selling at a break-neck speed right now, don’t miss out, SFTOC will sell out, you can get yours at Skiddle now.