Sounds From The Other City

April 26, 2016

5 Days to Go: Host-age Negotiations

So as some of you may remember last year Sham Bodie held a stage at the infamous New Oxford. Host Ben Tonge was in charge of ‘hosting’ the stage but after 10 hours he was, shall we say, a little worse for wear.

In a desperate attempt to get cover for part of Sham Bodie at Sounds From The Other City, Sham Bodie held a competition to see who might take over for a bit when Ben got sleepy/drunk/sleepy drunk.

We went along to their last event at Soup Kitchen at the start of April to help them choose this host alongside SFTOC performer Jayne Edwards and Mr Tonge himself.

Sham Bodie have created this video so you can see what happened and who we chose.

So, congratulations Mr Fran Canning – we will see you on Sunday!