Sounds From The Other City

March 17, 2017

Introducing – TVAM

Elli Brazzill is a journalist based in Manchester editing the new music section for Too Many Blogs, finishing off a degree in Music Business and is part of the SFTOC marketing team. In the weeks leading up to the festival, Elli will be introducing some of acts you may not have heard about from the Sounds bill.

Everyone likes an artist that keeps you on your toes, and Manchester’s TVAM does exactly that. Joe Oxley, aka TVAM, describes his sound as “post-internet, motivational slime-punk” – don’t tell me that doesn’t intrigue you.

Releasing a variety of invigorating singles last year, ‘Porsche Majeure’ presents distorted bass and sultry synths, fiery electronic chords taking their sweet time to properly win you over whereas ‘Gas & Air’ hits you straight in the face. It’s reverberating distortion more extreme but more captivating than any distortion you’ve ever heard before. Clean and crisp, the hazy vocals above drift in one ear and out the other as the force of the track blows you away.

Yet, most recent single ‘Total Immersion’ is a 6-minute post-punk experience, almost reminiscent of recent tour partners and remixes FEWS. How does he do it? We’ve no idea, but we know we like it…a lot.

TVAM will be playing for Heavenly Records at The Old Pint Pot at SFTOC, alongside Amber Arcades (check out an AA/TVAM remix here), The Orielles, Britain and more.

TVAM is playing Sounds from the Other City for Heavenly Recordings upstairs at The Old Pint Pot. You can get one of the final festival tickets here: