Sounds From The Other City

March 21, 2017

Introducing: Spectres

Elli Brazzill is a journalist based in Manchester editing the new music section for Too Many Blogs, finishing off a degree in Music Business and is part of the SFTOC marketing team. In the weeks leading up to the festival, Elli will be introducing some of acts from the Sounds bill.

“We are loud” is the simple way in which Spectres describe themselves, but there’s a whole lot more to them than that. A large amount of fuzz, reverb and distortion for a start, plus an energy surely mustered from the fiery pits of hell to rile you up into an intense and uncontrollable frenzy – that’s the usual effect Spectres have on a person…from what I’ve seen.

The Bristol 4-piece who grew through local and applauded label Hooting Owl Records have just released their second album Condition via Sonic Cathedral. Receiving glowing reviews all round, it’s undoubtedly an excellent follow up to 2015’s Dying. A slightly calmer listen, and when I say slightly I mean only slightly, as the band had significantly less to prove in their conquest of experimental noise rock. Headlining TOPP’s stage at The Old Pint Pot will be an intimate and undoubtedly riotous occasion that shouldn’t be missed.

Highlights on Condition include the mighty ‘Dissolve’, an almost 8-minute consortium of feedback and flickering distortion – for the first 120 seconds expect to feel like your head has transported inside a badly tuned 70s TV. Stick around for gritty guitars and minor-inflected creeping vocals taking you on an unforgettable ride into oblivion.

Drowned In Sound once wrote in regards to Spectres “if guitars are supposed to be dead it’s probably because Spectres have killed them” – come mourn the guitar’s passing as Spectres play the last show of their European tour at Sounds From The Other City this year..

Spectres are playing Sounds from the Other City for T’OPP at The Old Pint Pot. You can get one of the final festival tickets here: