Sounds From The Other City

March 23, 2017

Luxury Death – Glue

Bethany Patience is a music journalist and musician rooted in both Derbyshire and Manchester, currently halfway through her Music Journalism Degree. She is the news editor for WiredNoise blog and has worked with Kerrang! magazine. While working with SFTOC this Spring, Bethany will be writing about some of the acts you’ll be wanting to check out on April 30th.

Described on their Facebook page as ‘’ the brainchild of boyfriend/girlfriend duo Ben Thompson & Meg Williams, churning out hauntingly bittersweet lofi’’, Luxury Death are a unique 2-piece from Manchester who have recently released their new single ‘’Glue’’, following an announcement of their debut EP of the same name. Available on Vinyl, digital downloads and online purchase, Glue EP was released February 24th and well-received by fans.

Glue, the single, could be described as a funky and slightly eerie mix of tuneful beats and treble vocals. The male and female voices of Ben and Meg clash beautifully and produce a fresh sound, introducing the idea of equal gender dominated music which isn’t as popular as it used to be. Nowadays it’s rare to find mixed gender bands, let alone mixed vocals in a song. Glue adds a modern touch to this approach and the duo really nail it. Synth harmonises with low bassy notes and drums ring through in time with the singing. A catchy tune to dance to, with a sassy beat and strong vocals. Winner.

Luxury Death are playing Sounds from the Other City for Now Wave at Regent Trading Estate. You can get one of the final festival tickets here: