Sounds From The Other City

April 4, 2017

Introducing: Sex Swing

Bethany Patience is a music journalist and musician rooted in both Derbyshire and Manchester, currently halfway through her Music Journalism Degree. She is the news editor for WiredNoise blog and has worked with Kerrang! magazine. While working with SFTOC this Spring, Bethany will be writing about some of the acts you’ll be wanting to check out on April 30th.

Consisting of members Stuart Bell (drums), Jodie Cox (guitar), Jason Stoll (bass), Tim Cedar (keyboards), Dan Chandler (vocals) and Colin Webster (saxophone), Sex Swing are a London-based band. With 1500 likes on Facebook and popular Instagram and SoundCloud accounts, Sex Swing have gathered quite an impressive fan base and it’s no surprise after checking out some of their extraordinary music.

The word extraordinary is used primarily because Sex Swing’s music is like nothing before, a cacophonous ensemble of mind-rotting noise, blissfully enveloped within a fuzzy beat and almost siren-like guitar notes embedding themselves into listeners’ minds. Night-Time Worker introduces Colin’s saxophone playing about halfway through, conjoining Dan’s strained, echoed vocals. It brings on the mental image of stumbling about on the cobbles of London on a cold night after one-too-many, yelling down an empty street, submerged in disorientation and the overwhelming sense of sudden loneliness as 3am dawns.

If this is what the band is capable of recording in a studio, imagine the sheer energy and atmosphere produced when they go live. Make sure to be in that audience to witness it.

Sex Swing are playing Sounds from the Other City for The Beauty Witch at The Crescent. You can get one of the final festival tickets here: