Sounds From The Other City

April 26, 2017

Night Fantasy SFTOC Megamix & interview

Now in their fourth year, Manchester disco wrecking crew Night Fantasy return for their third afterparty at SFTOC. After terrorising First Chop last year, the boys are cooking up something special for 2017 with J.G Wilkes (listen to a mix he did for iD here: + guests. All hands on deck, this year is going to be one for the ages. Make sure you book the week off.

To get you ready for the biggest party of the year, Night Fantasy have put together a special SFTOC Megamix – and talked to Chris about his plans for Sunday, as well as what we should expect.

Hiya Night Fantasy, what have you been up to so far today?

Hello Matthew. Well so far today I’ve dragged myself out of bed, had a lacklustre breakfast of some odd tasting fruit and soon I’ll probably have to go to work. It’s a dull old life. Song For The Siren was on the radio, the Liz Fraser version. That was probably a highlight.

You threw a big old party for SFTOC last year – what was that like?

We did throw a big old party, and more fool anyone that wasn’t there. It was a hella’ fun. Our good mate and all round top bloke, Paul Thomson came down from Glasgow for the occasion and we all played records in a brewery for the night. As well as being the drummer for that band Franz Ferdinand, Paul is a super fun DJ, so it was great to have him down and play somewhere where he could really empty his record bag. A lot of people came up and requested Bob Marley though. Don’t know what that was about. At least nobody asked for Take Me Out.

How is it gonna be different this time out?

Well hopefully nobody will ask for Bob Marley, that’d be a good start. The obvious difference is our move from First Chop to the Old Pint Pot. It feels like the trust fund has matured, or we’re going to be handed one of those huge novelty keys. To be entrusted with the place is a huge buzz. We’ve had some absolute belters in there at previous festivals, so keeping that tradition alive is something we’ve been taking super seriously.
We’re going later too, until five this year. I don’t think I’ve made it to bed until after seven any time I’ve been, so I don’t expect any flakes! Come and hunker down for the long haul. We’ve also got Lou from top Manchester disco squad Dance Lady Dance down for the ride. She’ll be going in at the deep end with us for the first couple of hours, hopefully keeping that dancefloor simmering nicely.

You’ve got J. G. Wilkes of Optimo involved – what can the uninitiated expect from him?

JG Wilkes

We have, and we’re positively mega excited to have Jonnie down. Two years on the bounce we’ve dipped into the Glasgow music community. Might try and get Orange Juice back together next year. I had word from the man himself last week that he’s ‘really pumped’ for it all, so it’s certainly going to be a big doo! To those uninitiated, what have you been doing? Wilkes and JD Twitch have been manning the good ship Optimo for twenty years this year, and thats taken them all over the world a few times over, so these guys definitely know what they’re doing. You can expect this to be one for the ages, a really special party.

Aside from your own stuff at the festival, what else would you suggest people go and see?

It’s a yearly problem, wanting to see so much stuff then you only end up seeing about half of what you planned. Going to try and leave that trend at the door this year. Saying that, get a few too many bottles babycham down me and I’m anyones.
Really want to check out HMLTD, they’re on the list. Amber Arcades, Sleazy F Baby too. Really love the stuff that Kiss Me Again are doing at the moment, their parties are ace. Go have a bit of a dance with them for sure. We’ve got one of our custom Buckfast bottles up for grabs at the pub quiz so make sure you get down there. In it to win it and all that bullshit.

Lovely stuff – thanks for chatting xoxo

Thanks for having me! xoxo

Night Fantasy will be partying the whole night through at SFTOC, taking over The Old Pint Pot once the day comes to an end.

Final warning for SFTOC tickets – we’re going to be sold out ahead of the festival. If you want to party on April 30th, you need to be fast:
Physical tickets are also available at Common Bar, King Arms, Old Pint Pot, Islington Mill, The Font Chorlton (all booking fee free) & Piccadilly Records.