Sounds From The Other City

April 27, 2017

Review: FTSE 100 at Fuel, 23 April

Bethany Patience is a music journalist and musician rooted in both Derbyshire and Manchester, currently halfway through her Music Journalism Degree. She is the news editor for WiredNoise blog and has worked with Kerrang! magazine. While working with SFTOC this Spring, Bethany will be writing about some of the acts you’ll be wanting to check out on April 30th.

It’s a cool, breezy Sunday night in Manchester, I grab a taxi down to Fuel Café Bar in Wilmslow. Fairly easy to find, I go in and order a drink. Despite a relatively small venue, there was quite a buzz around the crowd of people gathered inside. I joined at the back, blending in seamlessly with alongside a variety of students and enthusiastic gig-goers.

Sadly, Klaus Kinski couldn’t make tonight’s show. I had messaged them earlier in the day and they replied ‘’unfortunately, we’ve had to pull out. Been terribly difficult to get a practice in, as we all live in different places etc.’’ But they did confirm that they’re definitely playing at the fest this weekend which is great news!

So tonight, I focus my attention on FTSE100. They enter the stage around 9:30, I push in my earplugs to prepare for some live grimey emo rock. And they deliver! Full of energy and exciting anger, FTSE puts on a striking performance, heavy clashing guitar meets up with fast paced and furious drum beats which get gently numbed down by a surprising touch of synth. AFI vibes stand out to me, with a sense of lack-of-control over which direction the melody is heading. Over the course of their set, FTSE100 play Clinton, Working Lunch, Snap Election, Juncker (check it!) and Barack Obama. Unique song titles for very unique songs. The crowd seems riled up and I take a step back to absorb the thrasher metal shocks of sound shivering their way down my spine. Cacophonous noise is calmed by soothing guitar notes plucked every now and then, aiming to bring the atmosphere down a touch. The crowd seems wild by the time the set comes to a close, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t joining in too, hands in the air, whoops and all.

I now can’t wait to see these guys again this weekend, make sure to get down to their stage and check them out, I guarantee you’ll get sucked in for the set! See you there!

FTSE & Klaus Kinski play SFTOC for The Beauty Witch at The Crescent. You can get one of the final festival tickets here: