Sounds From The Other City

April 28, 2017

2 DAYS TO GO: Ex-Easter Island Head, Laura Cannell & BBC Philharmonic preview ft. recording extract

In collaboration with Samarbeta, Ex-Easter Island Head, Laura Cannell and musicians of the BBC Philharmonic team up to present a unique collaborative debut in Salford Cathedral as part of Sounds From The Other City festival 2017.

Bringing together Cannell’s highly individual fiddle and recorder playing, the mallet-struck prepared guitars of EEIH and a quartet of musicians from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, the specially commissioned work presents a meeting point between atavistic strings, wind and brass and propulsive electrified minimalism, written specifically for the reverberant acoustic of Salford Cathedral.

To celebrate there only being 2 days until SFTOC, we are pleased to bring you this exclusive extract from an early version of the piece that has since been developed into the one that will be performed this Sunday – this recording features Ex-Easter Island Head and Laura Cannell, and was recorded at Islington Mill

Ex-Easter Island Head, Laura Cannell, and BBC Philharmonic collaborate for the conclusion of their trilogy at Salford Cathedral for Samarbeta as part of #SFTOC. To get into these performances, you will need to pick up an addition ticket (free of charge) at the wristband exchange. Tickets are limited, and it is recommended that you pick them up early if you wish to attend. 

Final warning for SFTOC tickets – we’re going to be sold out ahead of the festival. If you want to party on April 30th, you need to be fast: