Sounds From The Other City

April 29, 2017

1 DAY TO GO: Sound of The New Dawn initiation, merch & more

Sounds from the Other City tickets are now sold out online –  a handful of physical tickets are still available at Common Bar, King Arms, Old Pint Pot, The Font Chorlton (all booking fee free) & Piccadilly Records.


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Taking over the festival site on visual direction duties are IMPATV, combining live visuals across multiple venues, a sunset procession from The Old Pint Pot to Regents Trading Estate and 13 enormo totems to guide you on your way across Chapel Street – all in aid of a secretive cult called SOUND OF THE NEW DAWN.

Sound of The New Dawn have sent us this message about their plans for tomorrow – join them, and be saved:

In an effort to protect Sounds From The Other City Festival from the evil spirits within it’s 13th year, the benevolent leader of Sound of The New Dawn has enlisted The Pleasure Temple Ritual Band to perform a ritual of joy.

Starting as a procession from The Old Pint Pot, the Pleasure Temple will travel through the venues of the festival and culminate in a final ritual outside The Islington Mill with 13 musicians. The Pleasure Temple congregates at 8.30pm at The Old Pint Pot. Join us.

Each member of the procession will be given a glove, specially developed by Sound of The New Dawn for it’s talismanic properties. In order to be properly saved, they’ve created this instructional video

Sound of The New Dawn will also be offering their own chat line, where you can call to be saved. Any problem, worry, or issue – they’ll be there to help you to salvation.

07453114588 – call now.

In celebration of our new cult overlords, there will also be ceremonial robes (t-shirts) and bags emblazoned with the totem in order to ward off spirits. Only 13 of each have been made, and they are available to purchase from the Islington Mill ticket exchange. T-shirts are £13, tote bags are £8. Buy and be saved.