Sounds From The Other City

April 30, 2018

Interview | White Room

Ahead of Sounds, we always like to have a few chats with some of the acts that you’ll be watching on the big day – and our intrepid reports have surpassed themselves this time out. Having earned much buzz with their double EP Eight last year, White Room are a band that are “A TRANSPORTIVE JOURNEY THAT RIPS APART YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND SLUICES THE MULTI-COLOURED DEBRIS INTO YOUR IMAGINATION” according to Clash Magazine. SFTOC’s Connor Synnott spoke to the Brighton-based five-piece ahead of their performance for Market at the Old Pint Pot at this year’s festival.

Could you introduce White Room please and tell us a little about how you formed?

Hi I’m Jake and I sing and play Mellotron for White Room. We’ve also got Tristan on guitar, organ and synth, Jacob on guitar and backing vocals, Josie on bass and vocals and Hen on drums. Josie joined us about a yeah and a half ago, but the rest of us have been playing together since school days in various incarnations of the band.

How did the name ‘White Room’ come about?

Well, when we began to start getting much more serious about the band and our music began to take a new direction and maturity we decided to find ourselves a new name. White Room is meant to represent that blank canvas we gave ourselves to create a whole new musical journey. Originally it was The White Room Project but we soon dropped the The and Project.

Late last year you released your double EP ‘Eight’ aside from this what have been your highlights as a band so far?

I think the Eight tour at the end of last year was really special actually. The Brighton, London and Manchester shows were all sold out and going out playing Eight in its entirety for the first time felt like a real turning point for us. The Eagle Inn show for the tour was actually with Strange Days as well so it’s going to be great playing the Strange Days stage for the festival this year.

Who are your major influences? Do you think they’ve had an impact on the creative process and what’s on the double EP?

A few of the big influences in Eight were Flaming Lips, St. Vincent, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa and Jagwar Ma. Of course Bowie, Beatles and The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd all had a part to play in the inspiration too haha.

What is the music writing process like? Do you use a formula when writing your songs or is every song different depending on the situation or content of the song?

No we tend not to stick to one way of writing, it can spark from plenty different situations. We do however develop a lot in the demo stages when we’re just recording the ideas.

White Room

How would you describe your sound?

I guess I’d say it’s experimental rock with a glaze of synth pop and baggy beats?

What do you think makes you different from other bands on the scene?

I don’t think theres really anyone else out there putting together a sound like ours currently but also our live performance is certainly something puts us aside from other bands on the scene too-or so we’re told-but come and see for yourselves.

Describe your typical fan

Well our youngest so far is 4. Ivy-Jane from Brighton who just bought Eight as her first ever record! Doubt she’ll get to many shows for a while though haha. We usually see a pretty decent cross section at the shows though, so no real typical fan.

You are playing at Sounds from the other city’s Strange Days stage. Are you looking forward to the festival, and do you have any particular acts you are looking forward to seeing?

Really looking forward to it! As I said earlier, we’re excited to work with Strange Days again and get back into Salford. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, YOWL, Sorry are some of the bands on our list.

Apart from you, who else should we look out for this year?

Look out for Barbudo and Opus Kink. Also Afghan Sand Gang and Strange Cages too. All great bands.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2018?

We’ll be playing a few festivals over April/May (SFTOC included) and then we’re going to step out of the live game for a bit over summer to write and record a load of new material. Except 6th of June, where we’ll be supporting The Blinders in London.

Any last words ?

Toast, yellow and premonition.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you too.

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