Sounds From The Other City

May 1, 2018

5 DAYS TO GO | Map of SFTOC, and your keys to SoundsTown

With this year’s edition of the festival being one of the biggest yet, planning your journeys between venues has never been more important. More venues, more stages, more vibes. In addition, we’ve also got to bonus of having the fictional SoudsTown layered over the very real surrounds of Chapel Street – so if you need to get from Reform radio’s Stage at Golden Balls Disco (aka The Egerton Arms) to Heavenly Recordings at Le Bump Discotheque (Unit 2 Regent Trading Estate), we’ve got you covered. As long as you’ve Google Maps on your phone,this custom map should sync up with the app once you click this link (make sure to view in app if at all possible), or simply have a look and get pre-planning below.

Sounds tickets have sold faster than ever before – get yours from here: and also in person from Siop Shop, Common, Font Chorlton & Piccadilly Records. They’re gonna be all gone within the next couple of days – don’t miss out.

With over 130 acts on the bill, audiences are sure to find a new favourite at this established proving ground for new artists. Take a look at our line up page for who is playing, or subscribe to our Spotify playlist to have a listen to many of the artists playing this year’s festival.