Sounds From The Other City

May 2, 2018

Interview | Mun Sing

Mun Sing

With Sounds From The Other City boosting some of the country’s hottest newbies over the past thirteen years, it’s no surprise that we’re welcoming Mun Sing to Salford – the solo project of Bristolian Harry Wright of Giant Swan fame, and one of 2018’s most hyped artists. Daisy Summerfield chatted to Harry to discuss all things SFTOC, his smashing debut EP ‘Witness’ – and what exactly makes his live shows so memorable:

Hi! For those unacquainted, please introduce yourself:

Iya! Mun Sing!

Describe your sound in one sentence:

Seeking clarity within the madness: a conversation between drum and voice, with your body as the mouthpiece.

Your debut EP Witness dropped last September via Infinite Machine. Tell us the story behind its creation:

Infinite Machine got in touch with me after hearing some short clips on my Soundclound; I was over the moon as I’ve been such a fan of the label and had no idea I was on their radar…

I wanted my first release to be rough and unhinged. Using basic tools and methods, I wanted to pull the listener in different directions, yet also provide moments of clarity and safety amidst all the noise. I wanted this to be a reflection of how I feel among the club scene sometimes. I was bothered by this increasing shift in dance music toward more elitist areas, such as super expensive modular equipment or limited edition records on discogs.

These highly competitive elements in club culture don’t excite me at all, and I just wanted to make a record that celebrates unity, inclusivity, and how important it is to dance amongst strangers.

How would you summarise your live sets?

Lots of FUN! A celebration of dance! It’s about losing our inhibitions TOGETHER, yet at the same time seeing me vent hella E-M-O-tions!

As a Bristol native, what’s your opinion of the Manchester creative scene?

LOVE it. So many forward thinking, daring, creative types up here. Everyone from Gnod, Demdike Stare, Fat Out, The Islington Mil etc. I get a real strong sense of community and encouragement when I come up here, and have always been made to feel super welcome.

What are you aiming to bring to Sounds From The Other City?

Some bright clothes, brutal noise and challenging rhythms!

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of 2018?

Lots and lots of writing, and some super exciting collaborations! I’m also working on albums with Giant Swan and The Naturals, in between playing lots of shows around Europe!

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