Sounds From The Other City

April 28, 2019

ONE WEEK TIL SFTOC | Your Quindecennial Food & Drink options

While everyone enjoys the bands and all the art at Sounds from the Other City, the number one question we get asked (aside from set-times) is – what are we going to be able to eat this year? With ONE WEEK to go until Sounds (it really is a week today!), we’re proud to give you an overview of the food and drink options at our Quindecennial. Please be aware that CASH IS PREFERABLE due to a fairly poor wi-fi signal at our base of Regents Trading Estate making card payments difficult – but we’re sure that you’ll have a great time stuffing your faces regardless.

This year’s menu will be 50% vegetarian & vegan, reflecting the feedback we’ve had from festival-goers in the past – and we’re sure there will be something for you, regardless of your palette.

If you’re planning on coming to SFTOC this year, and haven’t got a ticket yet – well, we’ve got around 100 left, and they’re going to go fast. Get yours here:

Honest Crust


The best pizza makers in the city. Fresh sourdough from the oven, all day long.

Honest Crust’s wood-burning pizza ovens are a fixture in the iconic Altrincham Market House and at its Manchester NQ offshoot, the Mackie Mayor. Their sourdough dough is fermented for a minimum of 36 hours. The only ingredients are flour, water and salt. Each pizza is stretched by hand and blasted at 450c for less than 90 seconds in the oven. Ingredients for the toppings are scrupulously sourced, too. Our favourite pizza created by Crust’s Richard Carver is Atomica! with its simple topping of spicy ‘nduja sausage, tomato and mozzarella.
From Taste of Manchester

Dim Sum Su

Winner of the British Street Food People’s Choice Award, Cantonese and Chinese delicious bite-size food

This is a revolution, a popular rising – a freedom cry for Cantonese and Chinese bite-size food that takes delicious Dim Sum food out of restaurants and lets it loose on the street! Leading the Dim Sum revolution is Dim Sum Su, street vendor of the finest, freshest Dim Sum food – steamed buns, spring rolls, savoury dumplings, plus a whole lot more – and puts them in your hands so that you can eat and enjoy Dim Sum on the hoof, on the move, on the run!
From Dim Sum Su

Diamond Dogs

Quality freshly-made hotdogs from Nick Prince – also provided the goods for our hotdog eating competition in 2018, could we see the same again this time out? (We will)

They sell handmade frankfurters fashioned in Salford with free range pork, seasoned with paprika, mustard and garlic. Made with traditional natural lamb casings and smoked over English fruit woods in a method unique in the hot dog industry.
From Taste of Manchester

Seitanist Kebabs

A fully vegan take on everyone’s favourite late night takeaway, Expect Donner Kebabs and Shawarma.

Magic Rock

Returning to SFTOC for a third year, Magic Rock will keep you watered all day long with Lagers, IPAs, and even a Salty Gose.

Inspired by local brewing traditions and the vibrant US craft beer scene, Magic Rock Brewing is the culmination of a lifelong passion for beer. Richard Burhouse (aided by head brewer Stuart Ross) started the brewery in 2011 in an old out-building of the family business (an importer of crystals and natural gifts) in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
From Magic Rock