Sounds From The Other City

May 2, 2019

3 DAYS TO GO | Frank N Hank Instagram Takeover

In our final Instagram takeover before the big day (3 days to go!), we’re handing the keys over to Frank N Hank – who were involved in creating the vision for our 2015 festival with their MICRO COSMIC DELIRIUM. Find out more about what to expect from them below, as well as reading an exclusive interview on their plans for the big day too! Follow the carnage over on Instagram here:

Tickets are now SOLD OUT – however, resale is available through Skiddle. If you need to sell a ticket you can’t use any more, or buy a ticket, you can find out more via our post here:

👑Drawing on and re interpreting traditional May Day celebrations, participating dancers will take part in a choreographed chaos dance to bless and celebrate the new site. A Queen Big Wig will be chosen and, garlanded in finery to become guardian of the good party vibes, holding court until the next festival. ⁣

Frances Heap and Hannah Bitowski really made their mark when they joined us as part of the 2015 art direction team. Under the name Costumologist x Faux Queens they created ‘Microcosmic Delirium’ ☄️- the party spirit in its most viral form, embodied by costume, installation and performance. Then they set it loose on our festival – letting it spread across venues to infect the audience something terrible. This year we’ve invited them back – and given them carte blanche to wreak havoc on on our Quindecennial.💥⁣

You were part of our artistic director team for SFTOC 2015 – what have you been up to since then?

Since 2015,we’ve gone in different directions, Amy and Hannah’s highlight (Faux Queens) was supporting Peaches as their last show before Amy moved away to Japan, another big change to the group.  Some of us have moved town, done residencies, started a family, live on a boat, but we’re all still creating in one form or another.

What are your memories of that day? Personally, I remember the colour and the energy that you brought to the festival: turning up outside the Mill and immediately being blown away by how vibrant everything was

Our memory from 2015 is a kind of manic energy, non-stop whirlwind, free roaming  around Salford and all the unique interactions we had along the way, especially related to the gift giving cat bum handbag, which will be rekindled this year! 

Top memories include randomly gate crashing a kids birthday party (non Sounds associated) just round the corner from the Mill in the housing estate. The big balloon disco dancing explosions in First Chop and the big pinata smashing procession with Barberos are all highlights for us. The general memory of the day was electric, colourful and excited, one we will never forget.

Could you give us an idea of what to expect from yourself this time out?

This year we are bringing a Maypole to sounds, and we invite the audience to dance and bless the new festival site with us, whilst crowning some queens with ‘big wigs’ in the process, so expect more colour  from us and some loosely organised fun and dancing!

Finally – is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to on the day?

We’re both especially looking forward to seeing what all the other art directors are up to and generally seeing the magic of all the creations together in the new space, and of course, seeing the maypole in action!