Sounds From The Other City

May 3, 2019

2 DAYS TIL SFTOC | A look at Life at Large – It’s All Gone To Shit

Toilets: we all need them, we all use them. A fact of life, much like the queue to use one at a festival being the most boring part of any day. Minutes spent waiting, while you could be off doing something¬†else, something¬†fun, something¬†exciting. Naturally, spotting a section of SFTOC that was sub-optimal, we have taken decisive action for this Quindecennial year: and we’re happy that L.A.L (or, Life At Large) have accepted the roles of Portaloo attendants for this special edition of the festival.

As well as undertaking all the usual, not so glamorous tasks that you’d expect of the position, the L.A.L. team – artists Amy Pennington & Kevin Clarke – will be on hand to make sure that not a moment of the day is wasted, bringing fun and wonder to the obligation of waiting to have a wee. Expect Karaoke, make-overs, and a million other things beside: there’s every chance the bogs are going to be the most exciting spot at the entire festival. You can find out more over on Instagram, where we’ve given the L.A.L. team carte blanche to do whatever they’d like with our Stories for the day. Follow in full here:

Life At Large have just come off the back of a hugely successful spell of running their own Health Spa Retreat at Islington Mill, which promised to “Take your mind of the woes of the world and come to our non for profit but for profit FEEL GOOD health spa. Here at FEELGOOD we do exactly that while you watch us. There is plenty of opportunity at Feel good to talk out any issues, get a makeover, dance, feel isolated, start a new hobby”. You can see their promo material for it below.

More about L.A.L.

L.A.L is a queer-led performance duo using satire & comedy to create performance, video & print. By subverting the language of wellness our work critiques mental health rhetoric under capitalism. We create interactive performance environments temporarily queering the galleries, institutions & community spaces we inhabit: challenging power structures & questioning who gets to feel good, when & how.

Our workshops and interactive performances are designed to be all inclusive for our participants and co-creators. Our aim is to create a safe space which encourages creativity and play to take place.

L.A.L is a long term collaboration between artists Amy Pennington & Kevin Clarke who have worked with Duckie Queer Fun 2017, Camberwell Arts Festival 2018, Islington Mill 2018, Strange Perfume South London Gallery 2018, Manchester Contemporary 2018, Planes & Perverts LGSMigrants fundraiser 2019.