Sounds From The Other City

May 5, 2020

SFTOC 2021 Festival Crowdfunder Launched

With only 5 days until what would’ve been Sounds from the Other City 2020, we are today launching a crowdfunder to help support the people, ideas, and organisations that will make 2021 possible – with a schedule of events over the next few days to showcase, in some small way, what our festival and this community is all about. On Wednesday night will have a SFTOC quiz night over on our Instagram, and on the same platform this Thursday we’ll be handing over the reins to Amy Pennington & Sophie Chapman as they create a SFTOC Simulation in the day, followed by a Sounds special Stars In Their Eyes performance in the evening. Friday will see all of our social platforms turned over to a variety of streams that reflect the diversity of the festival – stay tuned for full listings – while on Saturday 2nd May itself, we’ll be asking for your recollections of SFTOCs past, and taking a look through the archive ourselves to relive some favourite memories. If you’d like to get involved with any of the above, drop us a line on

For our crowdfunder, any and all levels of support are hugely appreciated – and we’ve had plenty of people ask how they can help support the festival since it became apparent that we would be unable to run an edition of SFTOC in 2020. £2,000 is, realistically, the minimum the festival requires, but project shortfalls in funding mean we would ideally be raising much more. If you hadn’t picked up yours for this year, the easiest way is to buy a Sounds from the Other City 2021 ticket – and you can even add an exclusive, David Bailey designed SFTOC crowdfunder t-shirt in with that to make it a bundle – this is also available separately, if you’ve rolled over your Sounds ticket already.

Of course, all donations are gratefully accepted: if you’re only able to spare a tenner, we’ll make sure you get a commemorative SFTOC 2020 ticket (which would’ve got you entry to this year’s festival in different circumstances), as well as a Sounds Town badge from our last sojourn on Chapel Street proper back in 2018. If you’re able to spare a little more, we’ve got a few wilder ideas that might be of interest: you can name a stage at SFTOC 2021 (good), go Go-Karting with friend of the festival Elizabeth Alker (great!), or spend a day in an escape room with enemies of SFTOC and self-proclaimed best band in the world Grotbags (oh god no).